Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis: 50 Day Update


Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis: 50 Day Update

July 11, 2011
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Well, it’s been a full 50 days since I first embarked on Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis journey and I must say the results have been quite impressive. I haven’t lost much weight (6 pounds total), but that wasn’t my main goal in any case (I’m NOT following her crazy diet). What has been very impressive is the 4″ off the hips! 4″!!!! I had never seen my hip size go below what I call “the bridesmaid threshold” (the size which I was 8 years ago when I had to be a bridesmaid in 3 weddings that year— the size I thought was my teeny tiniest). Now my hips are 2″ smaller than that. Amazing! For what it’s worth, I have also lost .5″ from my arms, 1″ off my waist and 1.5″ off my thigh circumference.

But it hasn’t been easy. In all fairness, I have grown to hate Tracy more and more every day in spite of my amazing results. I wonder if I would hate any trainer that achieved results, or if it’s just her obnoxiousness that gets to me. She doesn’t count reps. She doesn’t say please or thank you. She says obnoxious things in a matter-of-fact manner instead of an encouraging one. Half her leg moves are downright impossible- some resulting in me falling haphazardly onto the mat as she in the background was saying “this will help with your balance”.  Today I managed to smack myself in my own head with a 3 pound weight as I was trying to keep up with her “arms” portion (Tracy only does things in spaz speed). Ugh!

In spite of my obvious workout personality conflict with Ms. Anderson, I’m still more determined than ever to finish the Metamorphosis program. 4″ is very hard to argue with. Let’s hope there’s more results where that came from.

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