What’s Been Going On? Life & Tracy Anderson Update


What’s Been Going On? Life & Tracy Anderson Update

September 25, 2011
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I know I warned you when I declared that my blog was inspired by attention deficits, but some might not have picked up on the fact that it would mean I would occasionally  get distracted and forget about the blog itself.  But of course that’s what it means 🙂 I apologize to those that have been waiting for a new entry for awhile.

So what has me distracted lately? In a word: Etsy. In a whirlwind of independent, girl-power emotions one evening, I decided that I could no longer work for “the man” and must start my own handicrafts business. Needless to say this is a monumental task that I will most likely be distracted from before I even can open an online checkout for my wears….. but it’s keeping me busy none-the-less.  I have been “creating” quite a bit though I realize my plan isn’t sustainable physically or financially. So it goes 🙂 I will post a link if I ever get it up and running.

On the TAPFN front, I have gone ahead and purchased the Continuity Program. If you thought Metamorphosis was bad, Continuity is probably not for you. Tracy Anderson’s Method does indeed get more challenging as the program progresses. This time instead of sticking with the Omnicentric program as I did for Metamorphosis, I chose Abcentric because I was hoping it would be a little easier on me—- this line of thinking was absolutely incorrect. Not only is the program more difficult, but Tracy wears the UGLIEST patterned workout pants EVER! They look like a bad acid trip from the 70s threw up on them. Not only do my muscles ache, but I have to endure a visual assault as well. Argh! If I hadn’t seen such good results already, I would cancel this crap, but alas it still seems to work. Damn you Tracy!

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