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The Origami Obsession Continued

Though my addiction to origami folding has been recently revived, I feel a new project phase coming on— stay-tuned for what my next deficit-inspired adventure will be! In the meantime, here are some additional origami project photos (some of which soon will be available on Etsy). Enjoy!

Blue origami "turtle"

This blue piece as one of my first modular origami models. The folding pattern is available in Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations by Tomoko Fuse. I love Tomoko’s books (I think I have them all now); she writes amazingly easy-to-follow instructions for the most difficult origami folding techniques. I highly recommend!

A modular origami piece

Over 12 hours of folding!

The models above are also from Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations.

Mad for plaid!

My wedding favors

Above is a sample of the boxes I folded as favors for my wedding in 2008. Thank goodness our guest list was small (Vegas baby!) so I only had to fold about 50 of these. Inside were printed M&Ms— it is amazing what they can print on an M&M these days isn’t it? But I digress…..

Kissing Cranes

Above are some “kissing cranes” (pattern found in Complete Origami: An A-Z of Facts and Folds, with Step-by-Step Instructions for Over 100 Projects) I included in a card for my friends recent wedding.

Floral Origami globes

A framed "crane-scape"

The floral globes and crane-scape above are both examples of future Etsy items. Now on to my next endeavor!

The Origami Obsession

There are few things in my life that catch and (mostly) hold my attention over the course of many years. One thing that I picked up in my 6th grade math class and haven’t been able to put down since is the fabulous art of paper folding; ie. origami! There is an addictive quality to folding, unfolding, and refolding a simple piece of paper until it becomes something that is anything but boring and plain.

When I was first introduced to origami, my class in middle school was studying Japan and we had to read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes; the story about a little girl stricken with leukemia as a result of the atomic bomb dropping on Hiroshima. Sadako tries to ward off her illness by folding a thousand paper cranes; an act she believed would grant her a wish from the gods. I was both incredibly saddened and inspired by this story- How hard would it be to fold a thousand paper cranes  I wondered?

Evidently, folding 1,000 origami cranes is near impossible—- especially considering that I was most likely in my undiagnosed ADHD prime. My first attempt I made it to about 30 before I gave them away to friends and relatives. I never attempted to do a thousand at once again— but I most likely have folded a thousand cranes over the last 20 years. On my last count, I could do about 12 cranes an hour (with tiny 1″ square paper). I think someday I will fold a thousand at once as a tribute to Sadako— but I most likely will need to procur a prescription for Ritalin first 🙂

About 300 paper cranes.... in progress

During my crane-folding sixth grade stint, my cousin Sean purchased for me my first origami book as a Christmas present. He probably doesn’t realize this, but this book has been a sort of “origami bible” for me over the years. It is a very well-written book and gives introductions to a multitude of origami techniques that I probably would not have even know existed otherwise. I still have this book— one of the few things that I have kept with me since childhood. It’s available on Amazon still

Over the years, origami definitely became a stress-relief tool for me. It seemed as my interest evolved into more complex paper folding models, I was able to lose myself more fully in my folding projects. I folded many objects over many hours; mostly oblivious to the passage of time or happenings in the world around me. There were several difficult personal times in my late teens and early twenties that I credit paper folding with getting me through.

Various Mini Origami Projects

A Boston sports-themed origami creation

I have been paper folding again recently in an attempt to make products for my future Etsy store. I’m not sure if I could ever fold enough to quit my day job, but it’s not such a bad pipe dream for me to hold onto. I figure even if I don’t sell a single thing, I still enjoyed making all my tchotchkes so it’s not a total loss. And who knows, maybe this will evolve into my true calling– if there ever could be such a thing in my attention-deficit-addled mind.

Some mini-kusudamas.... possible future Etsy objects

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