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Kitty Cat Christmas Card Selection Time

Oh it’s that time of year again…… Time to select a fabulous cat-themed Christmas card to send all the friends and family! My husband (grinchy Todd) typically objects to the use of kitty cats as Christmas card fodder—- but he typically objects to Christmas cards in general so he is easily overruled :). Every year the rules are simple for my holiday card selection: Every card must have at least one cat or an overall feline theme. Other than that, it could be anything—- from a photo I’ve taken myself, to an actual person singing a holiday telegram dressed like a cat (ok…. so I’ve never gone the singing telegram cat route…. but it would be awesome!).

This year I have some choosing to do! In the past Target has been a good source of boxed Christmas cards (they always have at least three or four different cat-themed ones), but this year I don’t want to go in such a generic route. The MOMA store always has enviable Christmas cards, and this year is no different. They have an adorable Kitten/Mitten variety that is sure to please all types of cat lovers.

MOMA HOliday Card- Kitten Mitten

Kitten Mittens Holiday Card from MOMA

Andy Warhol’s estate put out a cute collection of Christmas cards a few years ago with the Warhol cats. They are still available on amazon

Andy Warhol Xmas Cat Cards

Andy Warhol Xmas Cat Cards

If I were really motivated I would make my own kitty Christmas cards this year. Or if I were really REALLY motivated I would not only make my own, but make some to be sold in the Notso Kitty Shop as well— perhaps next year— I’m still a little overwhelmed with cat hats for now :). No need to go on a Christmas card bender too!

I did find some other fantastic Etsy cat-crafters that did their own holiday greetings. Perhaps the relatives will be receiving an “AC” (the black cat’s name) original this year from seller Kate Funk. I just love her prints— and the fact that she takes the pictures I would take if my cats behaved (or if I could take good pictures 🙂 ).

kate funk etsy holiday cards

kate funk etsy holiday cards

So….. which kitty Christmas card to go with? Hmmmmm……. Decisions, decisions. I guess you’ll find out which one I picked when you open your mailbox in a few weeks 🙂

Questionable Kitty Crafts: Crafting with Pet Hair

Being a crazy cat lady, I often get emails and things sent to me that are a bit off-the-wall in terms of their cat-tasticness. Today my friend sent me a link to a newly published book about making crafts with CAT FUR! I had actually heard of this practice before– a few years back I recall reading an article about a woman that made pet hair jewelry out of her feline’s leftover shedding scraps. I was a bit grossed out by  this use of pet hair in this manner— my only other two contexts for cat fur apart from a cat is either that which must be lint-brushed off my clothes or that which must be cleaned up in hair-ball form— not exactly luxury jewelry material.

Now, being a crazy cat lady, I thought I had heard it all…… but I had no idea they had a WHOLE BOOK devoted to how-to craft with pet hair!?! Kaori Tsutaya put together 16 crazy cat lady crafts in her book “Crafting with Cat Hair”. It is even available at Amazon and not just crazy cat lady stores:

The little finger puppet on the cover looks cute, but I’m still not sold on pet hair crafting techniques.  There is the whole bonus of not having to go to the craft store to stock up on “supplies”, but there weren’t many other high points that I could think of for using this method. What if you were to give one of your friends (with their own cats) a kitty fur creation from one of your cats? My cats go quite nuts at the scent of another kitty….. that scenario would not be pretty. And there is the whole issue that the fur I brush off my cat typically contains dander and other unsavory things— how do you clean the cat fur to make it sanitarily usable? Meh.  I think I will stick to crafting with “traditional” materials for the time being.  But nice to know I’m not the only crazy cat lady out there—- some are just not focused on cat hats 🙂

Sunday Funday in Notso Kitty’s World: Hello Kitty Waffles and the best Bloody Mary Recipe Ever!

Not everyday can be devoted to cat hats, though everyday should be somewhat devoted to cats (at least is my personal belief). This morning I treated my husband and I to some Hello Kitty shaped pumpkin waffles. My hubby doesn’t care for the Hello Kitty shapes, but does enjoy the taste of these little treats; I make them with the help of a pumpkin pancake/waffle mix I purchased at Trader Joe’s . Yum Yum! The waffle maker I actually won in a contest for writing an essay about Hello Kitty years ago. It is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen 🙂 No Sunday Funday would be complete without Hello Kitty waffles!

Hello Kitty Waffles

After Hello Kitty waffles, I must give props to hubby who has perfected a to-die-for Bloody Mary recipe. Half of the challenge of this Bloody Mary is finding and assembling the ingredients— since Todd doesn’t believe in making it from scratch if something can be made just as good with the help of pre-mixed bottled ingredients. I agree— and the results of his method are spectacular. I will divulge the secret to the best Bloody Mary recipe ever below

Todd’s 5-Star Bloody Mary Recipe

Assembling the Perfect Bloody Mary

4-parts “Bloody Bold” Bloody Mary Mix (Available at smaller liquor stores)
1-part Pepper infused vodka (3-day infused with hot peppers and peppercorns)

Bloody Bold Bloody Mary Mix

The mix is key here. I have never tried another mix like this before. It has an excellently balanced ratio of tomato/spice/horseradish/worcester sauce amid a wonderfully thick consistency. Todd buys it at a hole-in-the-wall liquor store in Malden, MA.

Todd infused plain smirnoff Vodka with peppers that he bought in a kit on Amazon. He just filled the bottle with vodka, and stuck it in the fridge for three days. This produced gloriously spicy and flavorful vodka that stands up to the Bloody Bold mix nicely.


Mix ingredients over ice and serve in a rimmed tall glass with a stalk of celery.

Rimming the glass of the Bloody Mary

Todd rims the glass by moistening it with a lime wedge and then dips it in a container of salt and spices. Lime Tree Cove makes a good rimming salt mix for a Bloody Mary recipe— you can by it at their website or at Amazon

They also make a nice cocktail set to complement your other drink recipes as well as the Bloody Mary recipe

Todd assembles these ingredients most Sundays to the delight of his fans (namely Notso, Fluffy, and I). If you have the patience to assemble the list of ingredients- I promise you won’t be disappointed!


New Kanye West/ Kitty West Looks Available

It has taken me a few weeks to construct a new Kanye West look for the Notso Kitty Shop. It’s very hard for me to stay focused on what I am doing and try to backfill inventory at the same time; so this led to a couple of alterations on the new costume versions. I got rid of the headphones and Kitty-lex watch and spent more time making sure the shutter shades were really spectacular. Here are the new looks:

Notso Kitty West

Fluffy Kitty West

As you can see I did a white version of the shutter shades as well this time around (to appeal more to darker-colored kitties that the black may not show up well against). Kanye West/ Kitty West has never looked so good in my opinion! Fluffy and Notso were both super well-behaved for this photo shoot— they both purred the entire time. Cats love shutter shades— you read it here first!

Happy Holidays from Notso Kitty

Today I debuted my first Notso Kitty Shop holiday creation. Behold:

Notso Xmas

No boring Santa hat this year for Notso Fluffy! He looks so thrilled 🙂 We’ll see if anyone out there thinks their cats are in need of an upgrade from generic Xmas cat hats to a one of a kind masterpiece as well!

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