Cat Hats and Other Diversions


Cat Hats and Other Diversions

November 5, 2011
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It has been a month and I am still on the wannabe-entrepreneur/Etsy-maven bandwagon. For those keeping track, a month is a pretty long time for me to pay attention to anything without being distracted. But alas, I’m not being completely honest as I have been diverted from my original idea of making millions of origami items (my fingers were starting to cramp from folding). What is the new idea you ask? I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before, but CAT HATS!!!!!

What better way to marry my attention deficit-fueled creative mind and my immeasurable love of cats?!? I started sketching as soon as I had the idea…. I wouldn’t design just ordinary cat hats, but crazy feline fascinators as well! Where to start? So many ideas, so little time to construct!

Above is the first cat hat sketch. ¬†Since my cats are center of my universe, I decided to pay tribute to that. Below is the amazing prototype. I love this hat! Even if I never sell it, I don’t mind keeping it around. Notso Fluffy might though.

The second kitty fascinator was an obvious one for me— perhaps modeled upon the most famous fascinator of all time; that worn by Princess Beatrice at the wedding of Prince William to Duchess Catherine this past spring. I loved the original hat so much I actually attempted to bid on it on Ebay (when the listing was just starting….. it ended up selling for around $132k- I was slightly outbid…. So it goes….(KV!)

Princess Beatrice Kitty Sketch


Fluffy cats make lovely princess-wannabes!

Where will this cat hat business venture go? I’m really not quite sure. Everybody I talk to about cat hats looks at me like I have two heads. I don’t think I’m talking to members of my target market though (cat crazies!!!)…. We will see what this develops into in the future, but for now one thing is certain: I am having so much fun making CAT HATS!!!


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