New Kanye West/ Kitty West Looks Available


New Kanye West/ Kitty West Looks Available

November 26, 2011
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It has taken me a few weeks to construct a new Kanye West look for the Notso Kitty Shop. It’s very hard for me to stay focused on what I am doing and try to backfill inventory at the same time; so this led to a couple of alterations on the new costume versions. I got rid of the headphones and Kitty-lex watch and spent more time making sure the shutter shades were really spectacular. Here are the new looks:

Notso Kitty West

Fluffy Kitty West

As you can see I did a white version of the shutter shades as well this time around (to appeal more to darker-colored kitties that the black may not show up well against). Kanye West/ Kitty West has never looked so good in my opinion! Fluffy and Notso were both super well-behaved for this photo shoot— they both purred the entire time. Cats love shutter shades— you read it here first!

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