Sunday Funday in Notso Kitty’s World: Hello Kitty Waffles and the best Bloody Mary Recipe Ever!


Sunday Funday in Notso Kitty’s World: Hello Kitty Waffles and the best Bloody Mary Recipe Ever!

November 27, 2011
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Not everyday can be devoted to cat hats, though everyday should be somewhat devoted to cats (at least is my personal belief). This morning I treated my husband and I to some Hello Kitty shaped pumpkin waffles. My hubby doesn’t care for the Hello Kitty shapes, but does enjoy the taste of these little treats; I make them with the help of a pumpkin pancake/waffle mix I purchased at Trader Joe’s . Yum Yum! The waffle maker I actually won in a contest for writing an essay about Hello Kitty years ago. It is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen 🙂 No Sunday Funday would be complete without Hello Kitty waffles!

Hello Kitty Waffles

After Hello Kitty waffles, I must give props to hubby who has perfected a to-die-for Bloody Mary recipe. Half of the challenge of this Bloody Mary is finding and assembling the ingredients— since Todd doesn’t believe in making it from scratch if something can be made just as good with the help of pre-mixed bottled ingredients. I agree— and the results of his method are spectacular. I will divulge the secret to the best Bloody Mary recipe ever below

Todd’s 5-Star Bloody Mary Recipe

Assembling the Perfect Bloody Mary

4-parts “Bloody Bold” Bloody Mary Mix (Available at smaller liquor stores)
1-part Pepper infused vodka (3-day infused with hot peppers and peppercorns)

Bloody Bold Bloody Mary Mix

The mix is key here. I have never tried another mix like this before. It has an excellently balanced ratio of tomato/spice/horseradish/worcester sauce amid a wonderfully thick consistency. Todd buys it at a hole-in-the-wall liquor store in Malden, MA.

Todd infused plain smirnoff Vodka with peppers that he bought in a kit on Amazon. He just filled the bottle with vodka, and stuck it in the fridge for three days. This produced gloriously spicy and flavorful vodka that stands up to the Bloody Bold mix nicely.


Mix ingredients over ice and serve in a rimmed tall glass with a stalk of celery.

Rimming the glass of the Bloody Mary

Todd rims the glass by moistening it with a lime wedge and then dips it in a container of salt and spices. Lime Tree Cove makes a good rimming salt mix for a Bloody Mary recipe— you can by it at their website or at Amazon

They also make a nice cocktail set to complement your other drink recipes as well as the Bloody Mary recipe

Todd assembles these ingredients most Sundays to the delight of his fans (namely Notso, Fluffy, and I). If you have the patience to assemble the list of ingredients- I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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