Questionable Kitty Crafts: Crafting with Pet Hair


Questionable Kitty Crafts: Crafting with Pet Hair

November 29, 2011
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Being a crazy cat lady, I often get emails and things sent to me that are a bit off-the-wall in terms of their cat-tasticness. Today my friend sent me a link to a newly published book about making crafts with CAT FUR! I had actually heard of this practice before– a few years back I recall reading an article about a woman that made pet hair jewelry out of her feline’s leftover shedding scraps. I was a bit grossed out by  this use of pet hair in this manner— my only other two contexts for cat fur apart from a cat is either that which must be lint-brushed off my clothes or that which must be cleaned up in hair-ball form— not exactly luxury jewelry material.

Now, being a crazy cat lady, I thought I had heard it all…… but I had no idea they had a WHOLE BOOK devoted to how-to craft with pet hair!?! Kaori Tsutaya put together 16 crazy cat lady crafts in her book “Crafting with Cat Hair”. It is even available at Amazon and not just crazy cat lady stores:

The little finger puppet on the cover looks cute, but I’m still not sold on pet hair crafting techniques.  There is the whole bonus of not having to go to the craft store to stock up on “supplies”, but there weren’t many other high points that I could think of for using this method. What if you were to give one of your friends (with their own cats) a kitty fur creation from one of your cats? My cats go quite nuts at the scent of another kitty….. that scenario would not be pretty. And there is the whole issue that the fur I brush off my cat typically contains dander and other unsavory things— how do you clean the cat fur to make it sanitarily usable? Meh.  I think I will stick to crafting with “traditional” materials for the time being.  But nice to know I’m not the only crazy cat lady out there—- some are just not focused on cat hats 🙂

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