Kitty Cat Christmas Card Selection Time


Kitty Cat Christmas Card Selection Time

November 30, 2011
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Oh it’s that time of year again…… Time to select a fabulous cat-themed Christmas card to send all the friends and family! My husband (grinchy Todd) typically objects to the use of kitty cats as Christmas card fodder—- but he typically objects to Christmas cards in general so he is easily overruled :). Every year the rules are simple for my holiday card selection: Every card must have at least one cat or an overall feline theme. Other than that, it could be anything—- from a photo I’ve taken myself, to an actual person singing a holiday telegram dressed like a cat (ok…. so I’ve never gone the singing telegram cat route…. but it would be awesome!).

This year I have some choosing to do! In the past Target has been a good source of boxed Christmas cards (they always have at least three or four different cat-themed ones), but this year I don’t want to go in such a generic route. The MOMA store always has enviable Christmas cards, and this year is no different. They have an adorable Kitten/Mitten variety that is sure to please all types of cat lovers.

MOMA HOliday Card- Kitten Mitten

Kitten Mittens Holiday Card from MOMA

Andy Warhol’s estate put out a cute collection of Christmas cards a few years ago with the Warhol cats. They are still available on amazon

Andy Warhol Xmas Cat Cards

Andy Warhol Xmas Cat Cards

If I were really motivated I would make my own kitty Christmas cards this year. Or if I were really REALLY motivated I would not only make my own, but make some to be sold in the Notso Kitty Shop as well— perhaps next year— I’m still a little overwhelmed with cat hats for now :). No need to go on a Christmas card bender too!

I did find some other fantastic Etsy cat-crafters that did their own holiday greetings. Perhaps the relatives will be receiving an “AC” (the black cat’s name) original this year from seller Kate Funk. I just love her prints— and the fact that she takes the pictures I would take if my cats behaved (or if I could take good pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

kate funk etsy holiday cards

kate funk etsy holiday cards

So….. which kitty Christmas card to go with? Hmmmmm……. Decisions, decisions. I guess you’ll find out which one I picked when you open your mailbox in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Corey Oshiro November 30, 2011at 7:27 pm Reply

    Merry Christmas time everyone as well as a happy New Year!

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