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Happy Thanksgiving!

Notso & Fluffy Kittens

It was the weekend after Thanksgiving 10 years ago when I adopted Notso & Fluffy from the Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS) in Southwestern Connecticut. A message to be thankful for families and kitties and other pets too everywhere: Happy Thanksgiving!

Cats of Christmas Past

I recently went to Target and was disappointed by the sad looking selection of cat attire in their pet department. They had a poorly-constructed hat and scarf set for cats made of cheap-feeling lightweight material. The selection for dogs was a little better, but still relatively cheap and ugly-looking. I admit before founding my own Notso Kitty Shop my cats had to make do with Target-purchased fashions…. My how they have upgraded!! They will be getting to model the upcoming  Notso Kitty Shop holiday creations soon.

Here are some pictures of my cats Fluffy and Notso Fluffy in past store-purchased holiday attire. It is a wonder I didn’t think of making my own cat creations sooner— some of these outfits are severely lacking!

Awful Xmas Sweater

Above Notso models the cat version of the ugly Christmas sweater (from Target’s $1 bins last year). I’m not so sure if cats were meant to wear sweaters, but that didn’t stop me from trying….. See Fluffy below.

Poor Fluffy!


Notso's Reindeer Debut

Back in 2001 marked the first time my kitties had the pleasure of dressing up for Christmas. Notso was only a few months old when he modeled the reindeer hat shown above. He had no idea that he was in for such a long modeling career!

Who doesn't love an Xmas penguin?

The penguin cat costume from Target a few years ago was quite cute. Fluffy wore it on many occasions— not just Christmas! It has since been retired into the cat costume hall of fame.

An adorable Notso Santa

Notso has had quite a few Christmas costumes over the years, but his favorite so far must be his Santa suit with the hat that lit up with flashing red LEDs. We all know his new favorite will soon come from the Notso Kitty Shop, but in the meantime I like reminiscing about my fat Santa kitty 🙂


Notso Reindeer

Poor Notso! This was perhaps the most humiliating christmas cat costume ever! The jingle bells alone on the collar were bad enough…. then add one hideous reindeer head! No wonder Notso looked none-too-pleased in this ensemble. I think this is when Target costumes started to go downhill.

A Notso Fluffy Christmas

Aw! “That is more like it” says Notso! After removing the reindeer hat he was given a catnip candy cane; making for one happy kitty cat Christmas!


Kitty Cat Co-Dependence

Many people ask me how I get my kitty cats to behave so well for photos as seen in previous posts. I tell them that the first thing that helps is having old and lazy cats that are much too sleepy-eyed to resist much or care… The second thing is that each cat is rewarded with a few treats after every time— a tradition they have come to  expect with great anticipation!

My cat Notso Fluffy seemed not to mind the Paddington costume at all which was our last foray into cat costumery. When I first put it on him he wasn’t crazy about the floppy cat hat, but even that seemed to not bother him after about five minutes.  A few hours after I had taken the costume off of Notso, I caught him lying next to it on the floor— like he wanted to wear it again. I’m not making this up! I think I have a co-dependent cat 🙂

Notso smartly realizes any time he puts a cat costume or cat hat on all attention goes to him— which is his ultimate goal in any case. When I am doing other things like constructing cat hats or blogging, Notso is consistently trying to insert himself into the middle of my respective activity so that I have no choice but to pet him. I think he knows I’m typing about him— he just jumped up on the side of my armchair looking to see if there might be room between my laptop and my lap (not enough room for a cat…. Sorry Notso). This kitty cat loves to be the center of attention at all times! He is a needy little bugger (I guess that’s the thing about being a co-dependent kitty cat).

My other cat, Fluffy, while not co-dependent like his brother, does not seem to mind cat hats or cat clothes either. Fluffy is a very happy kitty cat whenever you are touching his head— he does not mind so much if you leave a hat there in the process. On top of this patience, he is also the only cat I know that will let you put things on his feet. However he is like a kitty cat on crack whenever he sees the bag of treats— if he sees these too early in the process I will never get him to sit still (something I learned early on!).



Paddington Cat: The Newest Cat Look

Finally! My new sewing machine arrived yesterday and I was able to complete my much anticipated new cat look. And what a look it is! Paddington Cat! Based on my favorite childhood bear and inspired by my husband’s childhood stuffed animal that sits in our bedroom; this look incorporated all that makes Paddington recognizable (save the marmalade).

Paddington Cat Sketch

Above is the original Paddington Cat sketch from my sketch book. I made a couple of alterations to the actual sewn piece– for example I decided that the toggles didn’t need to function and the hat shouldn’t have ear holes. But the “Please look after this cat” tag— well that was a Paddington given!

A Notso Fluffy Paddington

Here is my gorgeous Paddington Cat model: Mr. Notso Fluffy! Notso was quite well behaved in this costume though he kept thinking I was petting him every time I tried to put the cat hat on his head. He was so adorable in this costume! Something about a cat in a hooded toggle coat really ups the “aw” factor. Even the outtakes from Notso’s Etsy photo shoot were incredibly cute.

Please look after this Cat! Thank You

Above is a picture taken from the end of our little Paddington Cat costume photo shoot. So cute! Notso got lots of treats for this one 🙂 We’ll see how it does in the Notso Kitty Shop!

Cat Hater’s Handbook: or Ailurophobe’s Delight

I realize I am an over-the-top lover of cats. My friend joked that it could have been me in that cat-crazy fake eharmony video— thank goodness I’m no longer on the dating scene (thanks Todd for loving me— cats and all)! But I do keep a peculiar accessory for a cat lover on my coffee table: a copy of the Cat-Hater’s Handbook: or Ailurophobe’s Delight by William Cole and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. Evidently an ailurophobe is a person with an intense dislike of cats–this book has tips for cat haters on how to thwart their furry-nemisises! Here is what it looks like

I bought this book for my husband (a reformed ex-cat hater) when we first were dating. He was NOT crazy about the idea of hanging out in an apartment with cats in it…. Even if it meant seeing me less often. I often had to hang out at his disgusting bachelor pad instead to avoid his “allergies” to my cats. I think I was more allergic to that bachelor pad than he was to cats…. but I digress. His allergies have since been “cured” and he has decided that he might like one of my cats (Fluff!…. Not so much Notso Fluffy though).

Anyways, back to why I keep it on my coffee table: I keep it there to keep my cats in line! It’s to let them know that I’m in on the “cat agenda” and they should watch their backs. I also love this books illustrations and love to go through it whenever I am bored. Tomi Ungerer did an amazing job with the ink drawings that are throughout  the book— mostly of cats in funny cat predicaments!

The Cat-Hater’s Handbook is also an excellent read; the first half of the book is William Cole’s synopsis of how to thwart your pet from being the boss of you. The second half of the book is filled with quotes and essays by famous people about their hatred (or otherwise indifference) of cats: William Faulkner, Shel Silverstein, Mark Twain among many others are in the collection (Faulkner?!? It’s actually quite amusing). I highly recommend it for cat lovers and cat haters alike!

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