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A fabulous week for cat hats

Well, when it rains it pours! I have sold not one, but TWO Princess Beatrice cat hats in the course of one week! How fabulous!!! I made sure to re-list the hat on Etsy quickly after the first one sold (with a note telling the next buyer to expect a one-week lead time) and the second one went in quick succession! I am guessing that the Princess Beatrice hat might make a perfect Christmas present for some royal kitty fans. Or perhaps it is perfect for Kitty New Year. Who knows…. Whatever the reason, I am as pleased as punch that I have finally sold a few more cat hats! And I am also happy that the Princess Beatrice cat hat design is very easy to reproduce!

Princess Beatrice Cat Hat

Princess Beatrice Cat Hat

On top of all the love that the Princess Beatrice Cat hat has been getting, the Notso Kitty Shop has also been getting lots of attention. I was at a conference last week and managed to bring up my cat hats amongst mixed company. Many people (cat haters even!) were completely amused by my silly hats. I even got many new ideas from this crowd— who knows where inspiration for cat hats will strike next?!?!  I also managed to get some free legal advice around the cat hat business from this conference! Gotta seize that opportunities when you can 🙂

I made a few realizations as a result of my conference last week regarding cat hats. First, the Princess Beatrice cat hat probably missed it’s window of viral fame—- but that doesn’t mean I should stop selling it. However, my conference mates illustrated to me how important it is to keep the Notso Kitty Shop in the current pop culture moment! They helped me formulate a few more ideas— we’ll see if any of them are the ones to bring me viral cat hat fame!!! Stay tuned

The Best Kitty Cat Themed Song Lyrics Ever

What do Britney Spears, Kreayshawn, and Ted Nugent have in common other than being in the music industry? They all have kitty-themed song lyrics somewhere in their catalogs!!! On my near 6-hour flight from Boston to San Francisco a few days ago I had plenty of time to fiddle with my ipod and listen to some tunes. It occurred to me as I was shuffling through that most of my favorite songs have an overall cat theme (go figure)! In my in flight boredom, I started to make a list of the definitive “Best of Cat Rock”…..So here are my favorite kitty cat-themed song lyrics that I came across…. warning, explicit song lyrics abound 🙂 Perhaps you will use some of my ideas to make your own cat-themed playlist!

Artist: Britney Spears
Song: How I roll
Best Kitty Cat Song Lyrics:
(I wanna go)
downtown where my posse’s at
(Cause I got)
nine lives like a kitty cat.
You wanna roll?
That’s how I roll

Artist: Presidents of the United States of America
Song: Kitty
Best Kitty Song Lyrics: 
Kitty Rear up and scratch me through my jeans
Kitty Rear up and scratch me through my jeans
Fuck you kitty, you’re gonna spend the night
Fuck you kitty, you’re gonna spend the night
Fuck you kitty, you’re gonna spend the night

Artist: Janet Jackson
Song: Black Cat
Best Kitty Cat Song Lyrics:
Black Cat
Nine lives
Short days
Long nights
Livin on the edge
Not afraid to die

Artist: Poison
Song: Look What the Cat dragged in
Best Kitty Song Lyrics:
Oh my god look what the cat dragged in
Livin my life sin after sin
 Artist: Ted Nugent
Song: Cat Scratch Fever
Best Kitty Cat Song Lyrics:
The first time that I got it
I was just ten years old
I got it from some kitty next door
I went and see the Dr. and
He gave me the cure
I think I got it some more
They give me cat scratch fever


Artist: Kreayshawn
Song: Gucci Gucci
Best Kitty Cat Song Lyrics:
Now Google that groupies follow me like Twitter
I’m rolling up my catnip and shitting in your litter

Kitty Cat Separation Anxiety: How to Deal

I am in San Diego this week— about 3000 miles away from my dear kitties. Because of this I have some past and present separation anxiety tales on the brain. I have described my cats before accurately as being codependent— accordingly they get  quite flustered whenever they sense I am about to leave town. This has gotten better over the years with some tips and tricks, but it still makes me a bit nervous. When Notso Fluffy was 4 years old and I left on a week trip I came back to have him come down with a urinary tract blockage a few days later. This was a very serious situation— and one I felt had precipitated by my week away —there is no proof to this, but I have a hunch that the stress of me not being there was more than Notso could take at the time

Notso thankfully made a full recovery (he since has had the full PU surgery— I’ll post on that tale some other time), but that incident made me much more vigilant about being attentive to his and Fluffy’s cat separation anxiety. They seriously get moody if the suitcase even comes out of the closet!  So I have had to adjust some of the things I do to prepare for a trip to make them feel better.

First- the suitcase does not come out of the closet until the last possible minute for packing. No need to activate cat separation anxiety earlier than necessary

Second- I had to convince my husband that he needed to act more like me when I am away— picking up the cats, petting them no matter what else he happens to be doing, relishing attention on them, etc. It is fine that Todd doesn’t pay much attention to the cats when I am there,  but it really helps that he steps up the attention when I am gone

Third- Treats equating to happiness cannot be underestimated. Once the cats see the suitcase and start to get depressed, I try to distract them with treats, outdoor adventures, and other forms of “bribery”. Todd continues the bribery in my absence after I have left….. Those cats get SPOILED!

Using these few tricks has helped get my cats into a better frame of mind when I am away from them.

So now that we have effectively dealt with my cat’s separation anxiety from me, how will we deal with my anxiety from being separated from them? I guess I’ll just have to find some temporary cat friends 🙂


A Hello Kitty Nail Art Manicure

From those that have read my past posts on nail art, you know I really like to get into it. Since this website has become kitty-themed only, I haven’t been posting so much of my nail polish adventures….. But that’s about to change! Thankfully Sephora and Hello Kitty have partnered to provide kitty-themed nail art accessories and polish! These accessories debuted at Sephora about a year ago and of course I had to have them all—- but I didn’t get around to using the last of them until recently. Here is a picture of the four different sets of Hello Kitty nail art stickers that Sephora features:

Hello Kitty Nail Stickers

Hello Kitty Nail Stickers


For my manicure I started with a base of two silvery coats of“Birthday Babe” nail polish by Opi. I then layered several of the Hello Kitty stickers on each nail from the “Modern Icons” set of Hello Kitty nail stickers from Sephora. The silver from the Opi polish looks fabulous with the silver lining of the Hello Kitty nail stickers!  I finished off the look by applying a little bit of China Glaze’s “Fairy Dust” nail polish to give it some extra shimmer and followed that up with some Butter “PD Quick” top coat to make sure it was laminated for the long-haul. Here’s a picture of the results:

Hello Kitty Nails

Hello Kitty Nails

Using the top coat of nail polish is really key to getting these stickers to last more than a few days. Once shellacked with the appropriate amount of nail polish, these Hello Kitty nail stickers will remain stuck until you forcefully remove them.

The Christmas Letter from the Kitty Cat

A Christmas letter is a tricky thing. You don’t think so? Perhaps not if you don’t really think about what you’re writing and slap some yearly recaps down on a piece of paper and send off to your friends and family. But this route can come off as a tad narcissistic — something that I worry about a great deal. Why should people care what I did the past year? Why should I try to make that sound wonderful just for the sake of a Christmas letter update? It all seems a little forced to me…. and is typically my reason for avoiding sending Christmas letters in general.

But what if you do really want to send a Christmas letter to update people, but don’t want to come off as overly self-important? Here’s an idea from the page of the book from my fabulous Aunt Janet (rest her soul): Have your cat write your Christmas letter! My Aunt was hardly the first person to write a Christmas letter from her cats, but she certainly perfected it. She managed to convey news without coming off as being boastful and  she could even relay updates about serious situations (like her declining health in later years) without making the whole letter sound like a bummer— through the use of her whimsical Cat-speak. Her letters often became bits of my favorite holiday-time reading (and Dad, yes, before you ask— right up there with your narration of “Twas a Night before Xmas”).

I certainly miss my Aunt’s holiday letters (and my Aunt in general), but here are some tips in the meantime for writing your own cat greetings

1) Cats misspell words…. They do it a lot! The more words you misspell, the better, but…..

2) Don’t misspell the words too much (my Aunt did this one year— a little tricky to decipher 🙂 )  A tip that I learned in a optical illusion book: you can still read words if all the letters are out of place in the middle, but the first and last letter are still correct. Do with that tip as you will

3) Human news is great, but if you are writing as a cat, you will have to include some cat updates as well to seem genuine

4) Before you send the letter have someone read it to you. Does it sound like something you wrote? If it does, you need more cat-speak! For tips, go to Icanhascheezburger —- they’ve really perfected it over there

5) Include pictures of cats— but pictures of yourself too. Both are necessary in my opinion for a proper cat crazy Christmas letter!




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