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The Notso Kitty Shop Prepares for Valentine’s Day

My goodness! Cat hat sales have been through the roof in the Notso Kitty Shop in  recent weeks! Valentine’s Day has been a very popular holiday for cat costumes…. and I have had so much fun coming up with new ideas over the last few weeks. The Princess Beatrice cat fascinator and the Heart-shaped sunglasses for cats seem to be doing the best so far, but I have some more things in store that might surpass those in their popularity!

Notso Fluffy Shutter Shades for kitty cats

Notso Fluffy Shutter Shades for kitty cats

Yep, Notso just loves him some shutter shades! Surprisingly these are some of Notso’s favorites to wear— the fact that they might interfere with his vision doesn’t seem to really bother him (perhaps because he is usually sleeping— but I digress). He is just too cute!

I just went to the craft store and loaded up on green supplies for the upcoming St. Patty’s Day holiday. Notso can’t wait to see what new costumes that will bring him!

New Favorite Kitty TV: My Cat From Hell

Some people out there insist that cats (generally speaking) are the spawn of satan. To these people I say: An evil cat takes an evil owner! Every cat that I have ever met in my life with behavioral problems has belonged to somebody that ALSO had behavioral problems! This is a theory that I have been foisting on would-be cat haters for years with little to no proof…… Until NOW!

Enter My Cat From Hell, the fabulous series on Animal Planet. In it we find many cases of evil cats…… but also proof of their evil owners! Case in point the first episode of My Cat From Hell I watched in which “Larry” the cat is examined….. First of all, these people named their cat Larry when it is a girl— I’d be pissed too if my name was Larry! Then they go on to show the way these clueless (and yes, probably evil) people are disciplining their cat.  A guy actually thought it was appropriate to poke a pissed off cat repeatedly with a pole!!! Watch the video below if you don’t believe me:

With this new evidence from My Cat from Hell I ask cat haters to consider perhaps why they are hating cats…… Is it the cats that should actually be hated, or perhaps just some misguided owners? Perhaps this show can educate and convert a few more would-be cat haters to the Notsokitty way of life!

Valentine’s Day Cats

Notso and Fluffy have been hard at work preparing for Valentine’s Day. What do they have in store, you wonder? Well, they’ve been creating special Valentine’s Day themed accessories  for cats to wear over the next few weeks. Notso has been modeling up a storm— the new heart-shaped kitty glasses that I created for the NotsoKittyShop are just his cup of tea. I created a few pairs- some with and without glitter.

Valentine's Day kitty glasses

Valentine's Day kitty glasses

My kitty Valentine

My kitty Valentine

Though Notso’s outfits have not been selling as well on the NotsoKittyShop as those of Fluffy, he begged and pleaded to be the kitty model for the Valentine’s Day pictures. I think he pulled it off; Fluffy just wasn’t into modeling these glasses as much as Notso was…. Cat model drama!

As you can see my kitties are ready for Valentine’s Day! Perhaps your kitties will be ready too once they have their own heart-shaped kitty glasses from the NotsoKittyShop.

The Famous Notso Fluffy

Notso Fluffy is now being featured on . Pissed off Etsy Cat?  Evidently Notso’s portrayal of William Tell’s apple target comes off to some as a bit grumpy in my Notsokittyshop on Etsy….. If only they knew he was just being impatient waiting for more treats!

William Tell Cat Hat

Cat-Themed Competitive Shopping: Jason Wu’s Target Line

Every competitive shopper has hit a low point  in their competitive shopping careers; I am no different. My rock bottom came during last season’s Target Missoni release—- when I found myself in the Target children’s department fighting over a pair of leggings with a woman when it was clear that neither one of us was ever fitting into them. Really, I thought I could pull off a children’s size small. So did she. We both were maybe lucky if we were getting into a kid’s extra large, but this fact didn’t matter at the time.  This was ROCK BOTTOM!

After that little incident I had sworn off of Target and H&M diffusion lines—- those lines where normally expensive designers do a limited affordable collection for the mass market. Too much pressure! Too much competition! But just this week Target released pictures of the upcoming Jason Wu line (a favorite designer of one of my favorite ladies Michelle Obama) and after just a peek I knew I have to go back to my competitive shopping ways. After looking at a picture of the scarf from the collection, I think you’ll know why!

Jason Wu for Target scarf

Jason Wu for Target scarf

Yep— that’s a definite sign from the shopping gods! As soon as I swear off competitive shopping, Target makes it’s next collection cat themed….. This can only mean that I was never supposed to swear off competitive shopping in the first place!

Target’s Jason Wu collection hits stores February 5th. I’ll be there—- and I’m  relieved that this time there will be no children’s collection to hit rock bottom with! 🙂

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