New Favorite Kitty TV: My Cat From Hell


New Favorite Kitty TV: My Cat From Hell

January 24, 2012
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Some people out there insist that cats (generally speaking) are the spawn of satan. To these people I say: An evil cat takes an evil owner! Every cat that I have ever met in my life with behavioral problems has belonged to somebody that ALSO had behavioral problems! This is a theory that I have been foisting on would-be cat haters for years with little to no proof…… Until NOW!

Enter My Cat From Hell, the fabulous series on Animal Planet. In it we find many cases of evil cats…… but also proof of their evil owners! Case in point the first episode of My Cat From Hell I watched in which “Larry” the cat is examined….. First of all, these people named their cat Larry when it is a girl— I’d be pissed too if my name was Larry! Then they go on to show the way these clueless (and yes, probably evil) people are disciplining their cat.  A guy actually thought it was appropriate to poke a pissed off cat repeatedly with a pole!!! Watch the video below if you don’t believe me:

With this new evidence from My Cat from Hell I ask cat haters to consider perhaps why they are hating cats…… Is it the cats that should actually be hated, or perhaps just some misguided owners? Perhaps this show can educate and convert a few more would-be cat haters to the Notsokitty way of life!

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