Pinterest and the joy of “Pinning”


Pinterest and the joy of “Pinning”

February 23, 2012
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About two months ago as I was reminiscing with my old college roommate Tauheedah during a brief jaunt to California the conversation naturally drifted into the “cat hat” realm and how I’m posting them on Etsy. When she asked me if I was using Pinterest and I replied “What’s that?” she practically jumped up and down telling me how wonderful it was. Of note— Tauheedah isn’t a typical person that I would associate with having to be up on the latest social media trends, so it definitely sparked my interest to hear that she was so enthralled by Pinterest when it was so seemingly out of her wheelhouse. I remembered making the mental note to check it out as soon as I returned home.

For those that don’t know, Pinterest is the newest social media phenomenon that is sweeping across the internet and catching on as if each new account were offering free money or instant weight loss! To clarify, Pinterest does not offer free money or instant weight loss— but people are certainly flocking to the site as if they are. What the site does allow is for  people to bookmark or “pin” objects, quotes or pictures from other websites and arrange them into “boards”—- areas that they can be easily viewed and re-refrenced. Pinterest’s catch-all description has been to call their website a “digital scrapbook”, but I have an aversion to scrapbooks of any sort (I think they lead to insanity—- this is an untested theory) so I prefer to think of it as more of a “visual digital list”. Semantics, gotta love ‘em ☺

One week after my initial conversation with Tauheedah I had visited Pinterest’s site, but was dismayed by the fact that I couldn’t just sign up….. I had to request for an invite to be sent to me before I could get started on “pinning” pictures to my own boards. In hindsight I guess I should have just had Tauheedah invite me, but I wasn’t clearly thinking it through at the time. Instead I signed up on the website and waited for them to send me an invitation themselves— a process that took about a week. Once I got my invitation by email though, I was on my way to becoming a Pinterest addict!

Aside from being another forum to post my cat hats, Pinterest is a great place to find and discover all sorts of things to inspire and give rise to your own sense of style. Currently I have about 20 boards with different themes; one for home décor, one for cupcakes, one for art, more than a few devoted to different cat-tastic things, etc etc etc. I love that I can see what my other friends (linked via Facebook) are pinning and I can get inspired by their ideas as well. The majority of Pinterest’s US users tend to be of the female-crafty type, so there never seems to be a drought of new ideas coming to the site that interest me.

I have really grown to love Pinterest and suspect that most people with similar interests would enjoy it as well. It has become a great source of unexpected creativity inspiration and might be another great platform by which to increase my internet presense in the future. If you’re interested in the things I have or will be pinning you can Follow Me on Pinterest

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