Codecademy – Keeping up with Code Year


Codecademy – Keeping up with Code Year

February 28, 2012
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I’m two months into Codecademy’s Code Year program and pleased to say I’ve been keeping up nicely with the lessons. I have since been told by others that learning how to program in Javascript first might not be the easiest way to go— but it’s a way to go nonetheless! So far I have found Codecademy’s lessons somewhat straight forward in teaching a novice how to code, but then again, I have an engineering background so these things may come more easily to me than others without any technical know-how. I’ll admit that a few of the lessons have thoroughly stumped me (as they seem to have stumped others in their comments in the forums), but I’ve somehow managed to get through them eventually with the forum’s help.


My "Achievements" thus far on Codecademy

So what have I learned so far? Lessons have included everything from functions to objects, conditionals to loops, introductory to advanced techniques. Phew! At the end of most weeks “Lessons” which teach a specific bit of code, Codecademy has you work on building little dummy programs in Javascript called “Projects”. Both aspects of Codecademy are kind of fun in a nerdy sort of way; they maintain a healthy dose of nerd humor in their lesson and project explanation write-ups. Would I know what to do if somebody sat me down in front of an empty UI and said “code something”? Not yet…. But I feel like I’m making good progress towards that. More importantly than being able to write code I would like to be able to read it (I would like to eventually focus on design side) and I have been surprised recently when I pull up bits of code written by others and actually can start to understand what they are doing. Exciting!

Aside from Codecademy, I have decided to take some HTML5 design lessons since those too will be needed for the prosperous future of Notso Kitty. I haven’t signed up for a program yet, but I have thoroughly investigated a few web-based learning programs. I’m thinking I might go with Treehouse for HTML5/CSS and Lynda for Adobe CS5. Yes indeed, those should keep me busy! I’m so excited to learn since getting these skills under my belt will let me start to execute the beginnings of my creative vision!

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