Book Review #1- How to Make Money Using Etsy by Timothy Adam


Book Review #1- How to Make Money Using Etsy by Timothy Adam

February 29, 2012
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In my efforts to educate myself in the ways of a creative entrepreneur I have purchased more than a few books for instruction and inspiration that I will be reviewing here on Notso Kitty when I finish them. The first of such books that I am going to review; How to Make Money Using Etsy by Timothy Adam was a paperback that I spotted while perusing my local craft store— and like most things I see in the craft store I felt compelled to buy it since I didn’t have one at home. As I threw it in my cart I was excitedly thinking about how this could help me score a few more sales for my Etsy shop—- unfortunately my initial excitement stopped me from investigating my potential purchase thoroughly enough to realize it was filled with information I probably already knew. But so it goes sometimes— impulse buys can be won just as easily as they can be lost.

So how was the book? If I had the choice to purchase How to Make Money Using Etsy again I would probably skip it, but in fairness I will try to review  both the positives and negatives.

What was good? In a word SEO! This book didn’t attempt to dive to deep into the scary technical realm of Search Engine Optimization, but the tips it did give for optimizing your Etsy listings were useful and clear enough to follow. I liked that the author seemed to realize that his audience wouldn’t like a whole bunch of technical acronyms and web jargon and he limited their respective use in his write-up. This book provided a good introduction to the basic mechanics of Etsy, search engines and the internet; which any good Etsy seller should have a handle of.

What was bad? Overall, I felt like this book was a waste of time and money. Almost all of the “tips” that the author provides can be found by doing a few searches through Etsy’s community forums.  I had a tremendous sense of deja vu to everything I read in this guide aside from the layman’s view of SEO which I mentioned as a plus above. Perhaps most disappointing to me: the interviews that the author uses from different bloggers and Etsy sellers sound terribly cliched and repetitive and do not express these artist’s individualities or what made them successful at all!

I wouldn’t recommend How to Make Money Using Etsy to those that are already somewhat internet or Etsy-savvy. However it might be a good book for those that are looking to make the leap from being a craft-fair-only operation to one that is online too. Perhaps! But I would first recommend that you learn on your own using Etsy’s forums and FAQs first before purchasing such a book; you might just save yourself some more money!

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