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Re-defining Notso Kitty (Again)

Every now and then I have an epiphany; this one happened to come by my way as I was watching the Bad Girls Club the other evening: I don’t blog enough about what I want to blog about! This thought happened to occur to me during that show because as I was watching, dumbstruck and horrified by these crazed TV-harlots, I realized that I used to blog during that show as a way to avert my eyes….. and recently I hadn’t been doing that because I wasn’t all that interested in blogging about all cat topics all the time like I thought I would be upon my recent blog-theme inception. I know what you’re thinking—- how could I be sick of talking about my precious kitties? Alas, I enjoy writing about other aspects of my life too and had been denying myself this pleasure.

And I happened to have a couple of other epiphanies too at the same time as my blog realization. I did some furious brainstorming on two pieces of scrap paper and came to realize I need  a whole website re-design! I now know what I need Notso Kitty to look like (not just a blogging platform), but it might take me some time to accomplish the conversion. I have a lot of work to do in the coming months in the name of bettering this project…. if you want to read about it, click the ‘mission’ tab at the top of this page.

What you need to know about this blog for now: it will be more thorough in displaying and indulging my many varied interests— no longer just CAT-tastic. I hope you enjoy the upcoming changes!

St Patricks Day Cat Hats!

Today happens to be a lovely President’s Day (observed), but I have another holiday on the brain: St Patrick’s Day! My kitties have been preparing for their favorite Irish holiday by modeling their new St. Pats-inspired looks for the Notso Kitty Shop! The shop has been a swirl of sequins, felt, pipe cleaners, cellophane among other materials lately in the name of the latest cat hat creations! And what fabulous looks they are…..

First we have Fluffy displaying a festive pair of St. Patrick’s Day shamrock kitty glasses! What cat doesn’t like to wear holiday glasses? None I tell you!

Fluffy Kitty St Patricks Day Glasses

Fluffy Kitty St Patricks Day Glasses

Now that’s one cool kitty!!! Fluffy decided that the glasses weren’t enough (and might not be the appropriate St Pats accessory for conservative kitties), so he decided a St Patricks Day Cat Hat would be needed as well. Here Fluff models his little sequined bowler cap that I made for him upon his request for more options.

St Pats Fluffy Cat Hat

St Patricks Day Fluffy Cat Hat

That’s one lucky Fluffy Kitty Cat! I’m continuing to come up with more and more cat hat looks for St Patricks Day (and other holidays) in the Notso Kitty Shop, so make sure to check them out if your are in the market for the latest in cat fashion attire!

DJ Kitty and the Rise of Kitty-Themed Sports!

I am sure by now you have heard of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays new mascot, DJ Kitty! No? Well in case you haven’t, here’s his picture as recently introduced to the world via team press release:

How cute is he? I’m almost tempted to become a Rays fan just based on his presence alone, but perhaps I will suspend that decision until I see how much DJ Kitty is really involved in the team’s day-to-day functions. Hopefully it will have at least much camera time as the Rays old mascot; Raymond. Then there is the whole other little issue of me being a life-long Detroit fan….  Betray my Tigers? Hmmm…. I’ll have to ponder that one.

DJ Kitty is based on a video that plays  on the jumbo-tron at Rays games with a real cat dressed up in a similar fashion spinning tunes. Here’s an example:

Just amazing! That cat really gets down. He is quite the DJ/dancer! His musical talent comes as no surprise  to me since I have a Fluffy cat that loves to dance myself 🙂 If it weren’t for the pink nose, I would think DJ Kitty kinda looks  Notso Fluffy….. but alas, DJ Kitty is indeed a one-of-a-kind cat!


New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 : The Best Kitty-Inspired Looks!

New York Fashion Week just concluded for the collection that will be available in stores in Fall 2012! I am perhaps repeating myself when I tell you all  that I like to incorporate at least  one cat-themed piece into my outfit everyday. But nonetheless, I believe it is worth restating since it is this kitty apparel theme that drives my never-ending quest for the latest cat fashion.  And what better place to find this than at New York Fashion Week?!?! Here’s my review of the best kitty-themed looks of the week. These should definitely help keep my  wardrobe replenished with the latest cat-tastic looks.

Here we have a fuzzy fabulous  leopard-print faux fur coat by Rachel Zoe. I love this! I could certainly be cat-tastic more than a few days in a row in this coat 🙂 The same can be said of the next look from Alice & Olivia: another overcoat with a dose of animal attitude!


I do love me a faux fur coat, but sometimes I want to keep the cat-theme subtle…. Next we have a cheetah print lapel on an otherwise neutral jacket from Thakoon. I hope first lady Michele Obama models this one soon! I am unsure if it will be in my future kitty-themed purchases though due to budgetary constraints 🙁 Such is true for many of the things I saw at New York Fashion Week, but alas I enjoy looking at the pretty things almost as much as I enjoy purchasing… Almost!

Ah! This next item will more likely be in my budget! These cheetah ankle pants  from J Crew  are quite cute. I can’t wait until they will be worked into my updated pants looks soon!

All-in-all New York Fashion Week didn’t have too many kitty-themed items on display, but what it did have I was quite impressed by. I predict a few kitty-themed shopping sprees in my not-so-immediate future!!

Photos Credit: NYMag

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