DIY – Floral Origami Paper


DIY – Floral Origami Paper

March 25, 2012
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Hello again readers! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Spring time crafts: making floral origami paper from recycled flower catalogs. To participate you will need: a ruler, a paper cutting device, and some old flower catalogs (preferably printed on high-quality paper stock).

floral origami object

a floral origami creation

Some of my favorite nursery catalogs to recycle for their vivid pictures and high quality printing  include Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm and White Flower Farm. Usually by the end of March I’ve made my garden selections and have exhausted the catalogs commercial purposes so what better way to enjoy their colorful contents than by turning the inside out?

For the paper cutting device I use a 15″ paper cutter manufactured by X-acto; I personally don’t like the alternative rotary or slide cutters because I can’t be as accurate with them. You might not need such a serious paper cutter yourself, but do keep in mind when selecting a cutting device that its accuracy will probably effect the quality of your end product– ie. unless you can make perfect squares, you won’t get good origami paper.

Start by taking your ruler and measuring a few key photos that you would like to use for your paper.  I have found that focusing on a common size image helps to narrow down this process. Now that you have your measurement (I came up with 2.5″ square from the Klehm’s Song Sparrow catalog) you can move your catalogs over to your paper cutter.


Line the image up on the paper cutter using the built-in ruler as a guide— this will allow you to account for the amount of the image that gets lost under the paper cutter handle. Cut once you have insured that you have the paper lined up on the correct image with the correct measurement.

Once you’ve made the vertical image cuts, turn  the paper strip 90 degrees on your paper cutter and line the images up once again. Try to maximize the number of cuts you can make on this strip— all the while respecting the image borders and the fact that your horizontal cuts must result in squares.


Voila! Floral origami paper! I love to use these papers in multi-piece models to create little blooming decorations. Or you can use the origami paper to make paper cranes or other traditional origami shapes; the choice is yours. I’ll be posting paper crane instructions on Notsokitty soon— stay tuned for more paper-folding fun!

Disclaimer: This post contains links, some affiliate, some not. I am not paid by any company to use or promote their products; my doing so on this blog is of my own free will. Just in case you wanted to know 😉


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