Creative Inspiration: Fabulous Origami Websites


Creative Inspiration: Fabulous Origami Websites

March 26, 2012
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I think this week I’m going to try to stick to an “origami” theme for my posts— I have a lot of paper-folding on the brain lately! It all started yesterday with my post on how to make your own floral origami paper—- later this week I will be posting instructions on how to make a  flapping paper crane, a DIY tutorial on some origami-themed wall decor, and a few origami book reviews. I hope you enjoy! In the meantime, I figured I might get started by telling you about some of my favorite origami resources that are 100% online. There are so many designs, patterns, instructions, inspirations, papers, ETC that go into the world of origami—– lucky for us the internet is here to help us sort it all out. Here’s a list of my favorites.


Origami inspiration in the form of buildings, clothing, and other objects is often reviewed on Origami Blog. Also reviewed are some other paper-crafting techniques (kirigami, paper cutting, etc). This website tends to focus on large-scale corporate projects and art installations— less on individual paper-folders. It’s updated about once a month, or whenever interesting origami news happens to cross the site-owner’s desk. Nothing in the way of patterns or designs are really available on this site.

Screen Shot from Origami Blog


Don’t have origami books with patterns to tell you what to fold? Never fear! The Origami Resource Center has free patterns for almost any sort of creation you would want to make. The site is organized by level of difficulty and into  easy-to-use categories which make it possible to find everything no matter what level of paper-folder you happen to be. The designs on the site come from various contributors—- some authors have higher quality instructions than others so you might find that you have your favorites as I have.

Screen Grab from the Origami Resource Center

Origami USA

Origami USA is the non-profit that is in charge of putting on the largest annual Origami convention in the world (June in NYC). I am currently not a member (though I was back in 2001), but I still love to use this website as a great resource for shopping for papers and new and interesting origami books. They also have a comprehensive listing of area “folding” events that perhaps might be interesting to readers.

Screen Grab from Origami USA

As you can see there are some great origami resources right at your fingertips! So if you’re wondering what to do with all the floral origami paper you made yesterday give them a try! I’m sure you will find great inspiration for your next folding project.

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