DIY – Origami Home Decor


DIY – Origami Home Decor

March 29, 2012
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Now that you’ve mastered making your own origami paper and folding a few paper cranes you’re probably wondering what you can do with all your pretty folded projects. Notsokitty to the rescue with a quick and simple DIY idea: framed crane-scapes!

You can display your framed cranes on a table or wall

For this project you will need a few color-coordinating paper cranes (I like to use ones I folded out of 1″ paper for small frame sizes), a piece of card stock in a color complimentary to your cranes, a frame (I like the “Ribba” by Ikea— cheap and nice looking), and a glue-stick.

Start by measuring your card stock to see what will be visible once it has been framed. Arrange your cranes in the visible area by hand— no glue at first! Once you are sure you like your arrangement, then you can go back and glue the cranes to the card stock; one at a time.

Play around with crane arrangement and card stock color combinations. The possibilities are endless!

origami home decor

DIY origami crane-scape

Once you’ve finished gluing, just pop the card stock into your frame and you’re done. How easy was that? Now you have some fabulous and colorful wall decor that cost you the price of a few pieces of paper and a frame!

framed origami home decor

framed origami

You can display them on walls, on tables, together with other crane-scapes, by themselves, or even give them away as gifts! Have fun coming up with your own possibilities!


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