DIY : Ikea Improvement


DIY : Ikea Improvement

March 31, 2012
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Today started with good intentions: I was just going to hang the new magnetic “Spontan” board I purchased at Ikea. But as I went to hang it I was struck by the cold gray metal background— this certainly would not provide the look I have been going for with my home office re-do (refined, yet cozy)…..

The plain original

I didn’t want to drive all the way back to Ikea and return the board, but I couldn’t hang it as it was. Aside from it being a bit plain it also was too visually similar to the side of my file cabinet for my taste. A quick google search did not turn up any better magnetic board alternatives that could be purchased in any case….. What was I to do?

The visually similar file cabinet

If you’re guessing that I decided to turn my little $10 Ikea board into a DIY project that would consume most of my day you would be right! First I decided that the board had to be covered. I tried a few things on for size (maps, book pages, newspaper), but decided I didn’t like anything I had on hand. Off to the craft store 🙂

I returned from the craft store (and a quick side trip to Lowes) with a fabulous Velour fabric….. The color actually is the same as the original magnet board— I decided when I was in the craft store that the color didn’t bother me— it was the industrial texture of the board that I needed to get rid of.

I cut the fabric to be big enough to cover the board with a few inches hanging over the sides. I then just took needle and thread and sewed it all together (messily!) so that the fabric would stay taut over the front of the board and around the edges and corners.

After this I had a lovely board with improved texture—- but I felt like it needed something else. Good thing I picked up some pre-cut molding at Lowes during my craft store adventure! I decided to fashion this into a frame by cutting it at 45 degree angles.

Confession: Todd actually cut the frame pieces…..I had lost most patience with my project at this point and needed Todd to momentarily take over…… Todd’s involvement  is actually how most of my DIY projects are completed 🙂

I decided to paint the frame with Cerulean blue acrylic paint— then I affixed the pieces to the front of my magnet board with hot glue.

Voila! I must say, this is pretty fabulous and looks much nicer than the Ikea original for about $15 worth of extra supplies. Mission accomplished!

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