The Creative Bucket List


The Creative Bucket List

April 17, 2012

This isn’t a creative “bucket list” per se, but rather a bucket list of creative things that I would like to master eventually. Every now and then I like to take inventory of what I want to accomplish and what I have already; here goes this update:

At the beginning of the year, I came up with a list that I wanted to accomplish. So far on that list I have done (and posted about) the following things:

-Photography Lessons
-Read a book per-week (I’m through 9 weeks at this pace)
Start to learn to code (I’m through the intro to Javascript, focusing a little more on HTML for now)
-Volunteer a little more
-Re-decorate my Workshop
-Obtain my Imac and Adobe CS5

So now we’re a little more than 4 months in and I think I’ve made some good progress. But of course there is so much more I want to do! Here’s my list for the foreseeable future:

-Design at least 50 items for the Notso Kitty Shop
-Backyard makeover
-Plan our vacation (we’re going to Iceland!)
-Learn to crochet (better)
-Learn to knit (I currently don’t do this at all)
-Take Adobe CS5 Training (this I actually began, but am only about ~1% done)
-Actually use the embroidery machine I bought for something
-Design my own wordpress theme/ overall blog makeover
-Developing other website pages
-Experiment with DIY letterpress
-Logo designs for the Notso Kitty Shop and other ventures
-Learning Japanese (this might be too ambitious

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest


I am now realizing that in order to accomplish this list I might have to give up a thing or two ( like reality TV recap debates over on NYmag’s website or daily blog posts)— but I’m figuring out what the things are to give up as I go. And after this list is complete? Well, I probably will have another list in play by that point… but I’m okay with my life resembling a hamster wheel of creative learning. We’ll see how far I can get with it all before I need to regroup again— hopefully further than I could expect!

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