The Notso Kitty Shop : “On Vacation”


The Notso Kitty Shop : “On Vacation”

April 28, 2012
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Well hello there readers. I have some sad news— my “real” job is calling me away from my cat hat studio for the next two weeks. Booooooooooo! Because of this I have had to put the Notso Kitty Shop on temporary “vacation mode” until probably May 12th. How ironic since my “real” job is quite the opposite of a vacation! But anyhoo, never fear dear Notso Kitty fans— I will be back with a vengeance (this is a hint towards my next little kitty project) in a few weeks time! I hope you’ll bear with me.


In the meantime, hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in a few blog posts and training hours from my creative bucket list over the next few weeks so all progress isn’t lost. This trip serves as an important reminder for me: sometimes to be motivated to keep going on the course towards my own personal happiness, I have to remember what makes me so unhappy through some temporary suffering. I’m hoping my temporary discomfort (and lack of Kitty world) will build further resolve to move forward with my kitty world plans when I return. That’s called looking on the bright side 🙂


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