Back from the Dead


Back from the Dead

May 12, 2012
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I perhaps hinted a few weeks ago that my last two weeks of work would be hellish— I had no idea how actually bad it could get though. I literally had to work round the clock for every waking minute during the work days– and I somehow still felt like I was falling behind. But the worst of that is over now! THANK GOODNESS! And now I’m back home and free during my non-working hours to pursue my creative endeavors again. What a huge relief!

Last week I was in Washington DC; home of many fine national treasures and government buildings (ironically one of which I never want to see again after working the night shift there for the past two weeks). Over last weekend though I did have a few hours worth of break to try to give myself some much needed stress relief. With the help of my coworkers taking me to see the Avengers, a small solo trip to the National Gallery of Art, and my pal Angela and her family meeting up with me at the National Zoo I did manage to achieve some sort of temporal relaxation. Here are some pics of the highlights (forgive the pic quality— though they aren’t half bad considering they were taken on my blackberry!).

Lichtenstein House

I knew I had come to the right place when I stopped by the National Gallery of Art and was immediately greeted by a huge Roy Lichtenstein (my favorite artist) sculpture in the sculpture park. I immediately was drawn inside to see what other Lichtenstein treasures were within— and I did manage to find two more (though the “Hello Mickey” that was supposed to be displayed there was temporarily hiding due to an oversized- Matisse exhibit).

Painting with Statue of Liberty by Roy Lichtenstein

Entablature IV by Roy Lichtenstein

I especially liked checking out Lichtenstein’s Entablature IV in the National Gallery of Art’s East Building. Pictures can’t really capture the detail that you can see in person on canvas— though I tried…..

A close-up of Entablature IV

Last Sunday I had an excellent time chilling at the zoo with my college friend Angela, her husband Frank, and her two kids Colin and Mary Kate. I must say kids usually stress yours-truly out, but Angela’s kids were so good that it was like hanging out with two more little adults 🙂 As other kids climbed on the animal cages and hollered at the top of their lungs, Colin and Mary Kate just chilled out and appreciated the animals. A relaxing trip to the zoo it was! And an important reminder to me that not all kids are unruly— just the ones I seem to see frequently in other places 😉

Gorillas in the National Zoo

Colin, Angela, Mary Kate and Frank

So now I’m back and the Notso Kitty Shop is open for business once again! My creative endeavors are also again within easy reach and I shouldn’t feel quite so freaked out as I had the last two weeks. I thank everyone that helped me get through the incredibly stressful time… and to those that tried to make it more stressful to me (you know who you are) I am glad to have won the battle for my sanity for the time-being 🙂 I feel like I’m back from the dead!

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