More National Gallery of Art Inspiration


More National Gallery of Art Inspiration

May 15, 2012
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The other day I posted about all the Lichtenstein artwork I scoped out on my brief visit to the National Gallery of Art a few weekends ago. Though I do love Roy Lichtenstein the most, I did see a few other pieces that caught my eye as I ran through the East Wing Gallery– I skipped the West because of limited time and the fact that I tend to prefer more modern art which is housed primarily in the East. Here is some more evidence of my explorations… Enjoy

James Rosenquist- Speed of Light

James Rosenquist- Spectator- Speed of Light

I’m usually not a fan of Rosenquist (too metallic for my taste in most cases) but for some reason the “Spectator – Speed of Light” painting hanging in the National Gallery of Art really speaks to me. Perhaps it is because it slightly reminds me of Lichtenstein’s mirror paintings…. Perhaps 🙂

Improvisation 31 by Wassily Kandinsky

Improvisation 31 by Wassily Kandinsky

Sometimes I wish my name was Wassily…. Other times I just like to look at the most famous Wassily’s paintings 🙂

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's Let us Praise Famous Men

Close up of Let us Praise Famous Men

I always love a good Warhol! Or even a bad one 😉

Fanny/Fingerpainting by Chuck Close

The “Fanny/Fingerpainting” by  Chuck Close was my favorite painting in high school— though I had yet to see it in person until my National Gallery visit. I love how when you look up close all you can see are fingerprints (which were used to paint the whole picture), but when you look from far away all   you see is the woman.

Close up of Fanny Fingerpainting

I have always liked mobiles……Alexander Calder usually makes the best. What a lovely display of his work the National Gallery has!

Alexander Calder Mobiles

Alexander Calder Mobiles




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