Hoarders: Tracy Anderson Edition


Hoarders: Tracy Anderson Edition

June 3, 2012
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Sometimes I wonder if I will someday end up on an episode of “Hoarders”– that great show on A&E that catalogs the life of people bent on saving everything. It’s not that my life resembles “Hoarders” now– it’s almost the opposite. But I realize I have the genes that could easily turn me into a “Hoarder-extrodinaire”– my Mom’s side of the family has been known to progressively collect and hang on to things until they reach the point where an intervention is needed– usually about the time they hit retirement age. Since I’m a ways off from that milestone it’s easy for me to claim to be fine now, but I’ve always been aware that I have to fight my “innate hoarder” tendencies to keep them in check. Still, there is the occasional scenario where I have let a group of items get out of control– and I have to admit to myself that “Hoarders” is a part of my everyday life….. Tracy Anderson DVDs are my latest example of such a case.

tracy anderson dvds

A plethora of Tracy Anderson DVDs

My collection of Tracy Anderson DVDs started out innocently enough about a year and a half ago. I started by buying her book to help me lose a few stubborn pounds– this book came with a DVD. A few months later I ordered Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis program– a series of 4 more DVDs (1 cardio, 3 toning exercises). Then about 5 months after that, since I had such good results,  I ordered Tracy Anderson’s Continuity Program– a series of 4 more DVDs (1 cardio, 3 toning again) delivered every 90 days. I think you can see where this is going…..


Notso says: "these DVDs are clearly out of control!"

Now it’s been about a year since I signed up for the Tracy Anderson Continuity program and my fitness level has happily more-or-less been sustained. However the DVDs just keep coming! There’s no end…. I counted 22 Tracy DVDs in my drawer the other day. Even if I were to keep on Tracy’s suggested schedule of doing a workout everyday (which btw is crazy in itself) there is no way I could ever catch up with the DVDs at this point. It wasn’t until this month’s shipment of 4 more DVDs came that I realized that I might be just hoarding Tracy DVDs. What an odd thing to hoard! Best to nip it in the bud now though- time to call Continuity customer service and put these things on an indefinite hold…..

Tracy Anderson’s Continuity DVDs do work quite well for keeping me in shape— but there is no way I should need to build a new addition onto my house just to keep them in! This “Hoarders: Tracy Anderson Edition” intervention is complete! Now to find the next item I am likely to hoard– it’s an endless cycle 🙂


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