I <3 Reykjavik Graffiti Artists


I <3 Reykjavik Graffiti Artists

June 26, 2012
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My recent trip to Iceland had inspiration around every corner! I especially loved the street art that was everywhere, painted by very talented Reykjavik graffiti artists. I certainly wish our graffiti in Boston looked more like this! Shepard Fairey aside, most artists in the US probably feel that the risk involved in street art is probably not worth it. I certainly wish that wasn’t the case! The possibility for being arrested for beautifying something always has puzzled me….. But that just might be the part of me that has “problems with authority” 🙂 . Here are some pictures of my favorite Reykjavik graffiti examples.

My Personal Favorites

This giraffe “came here to chew bubblegum and  kick ass”. I can’t think of a better reason myself!

The “Robots Wrestling Smackdown” was one of my favorites– painted on the side of a building one block over for Reykjavik’s main street.

I don’t know what these characters are, but I like them.

Reykjavik Graffiti was Everywhere!

Many times I stumbled upon installations or “graffiti parks” put together by the Reykjavik graffiti artists. This one had a little bit of everything in it.

The example below was right across the street from my hotel in Reykjavik’s marina.

Many English quotes are used by the Reykjavik graffiti artists. This was good for me since I can’t speak Icelandic 🙂

The talent of the Reykjavik graffiti artists is really something. I was definitely inspired by the abundance of street art in this city— though I don’t think I’ll be picking up a spray paint can anytime soon myself. I hope you’ve enjoyed a peak into what I saw!

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