Neighborhood Flower Garden Inspiration


Neighborhood Flower Garden Inspiration

July 8, 2012
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Some of my favorite places to get garden inspiration for my own yard are in the yards of my neighbors.  I enjoy looking at my neighbors yards and trying to guess what they have planted before they get flowers on them. From brightly colored annuals to unusual perennials, you never know what is going to bloom at what time. Sometimes I guess right…. others I have no clue. Here are some photos of my recent garden explorations…. Enjoy!


Pansies & Chain link

Though I often cringe at the sight of chain link fence, it does create a nice juxtaposition of cold steel next to these delicate pansies. Not all chain link fence has to look horrible 🙂

Garden Inspiration – Fence Line

I have not bothered to plant anything along our front fence line yet, but that might have to change. I think these pretty yellow flowers along my neighbor’s fence are just the garden inspiration I need to start on my own.

Johnny Jump-Ups

I used to treat Johnny Jump-Ups as if they were weeds— but seeing this planter that was over-run with them in my neighbor’s yard has made me think twice. Perhaps they are pretty in their own right…. and perhaps I should stop pulling them out of my garden so readily.

Lily of the Valley

The above picture is what I wish my Lily of the Valley looked like— unfortunately mine is much more sparse. My neighbor’s version serves as proof of how they look once they are mature enough….. I will just have to be more patient! (Not my strong suit)

Neighbor’s Coreopsis

I’m not sure why the photo of the coreopsis above looks so different than the one below. 99% of all the coreopsis that are growing in my area look like the one above. Not sure how I got the one different species that it is possible to grow in this area, but somehow I did.

My Coreopsis

Well, that’s all the garden fun for now! I’ll share some more photos this week of some of my other garden successes— it’s been a good year so far.

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