Dusting off my Cat Hat-Making Supplies


Dusting off my Cat Hat-Making Supplies

July 22, 2012
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It had been awhile since I’ve made a cat hat, or any kind of hat actually. That all changed this week when I was commissioned to make a fabulous planetary fascinator (for a person!) based upon my planetary cat hat from a few months ago. “What? You do not design hats for humans!” you might be saying…… Alas, this was a special case. A girl named Stephanie Yuhas contacted me about needing a hat for the Philadelphia Geek Awards. Normally I say no to all human-hat requests….. but this one I decided to make an exception on. After all, who am I to deny my one of my fellow nerds and geeks proper head attire for her very worthy awards ceremony? Here is how my hat came out:

Here is a better picture of just the hat (not being modeled on someone’s head)

And here is a picture of the original on Mr. Notso Fluffy!

Planetary Cat Hat

I think Stephanie’s hat came out quite well considering what she asked for and its purpose. I can just imagine this thing parading around the Geek Awards in all its nerdy glory. Ha! I have designed some other hats for humans in the past– here is a picture of a Birthday bucket that I designed for one of my friends about 10 years ago (Fluffy thought it tasted wonderful)

I don’t think I’ll be doing many more “human fascinators” in the near future, but I certainly have had fun making the few I have. Perhaps I might be motivated to make a few cat hats again soon. Perhaps!

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