Flower Bouquet Arranging from My Garden


Flower Bouquet Arranging from My Garden

July 29, 2012
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Well hello there readers! Yesterday I had the idea to collect some of the fabulous blooms from my flower garden and to try to turn them into some arrangements to decorate my home. How did they turn out? Well, that’s up to you to judge. But I think they came out quite pretty given the limited flowers which I had to choose from.

Selecting the Blooms

I began my little project by picking all the “pretty” blooms and filler plants from my garden. I didn’t really plan anything out to begin with— and I also picked blooms that wouldn’t necessarily go well together. Hydrangeas, bachelor-buttons, daisies, violas, gaillardias, ferns, arborvitae, etc. all made it into my mix.


Arranging the Bouquets

I began my arrangement by randomly sticking certain flowers together to see what would go together well visually. I first noticed that the pink of the cone flowers matched the pink edges of my lime hydrangeas well. I later decided they would make a splendid bouquet when stuffed in  a tall clear glass vase with some Japanese ferns as filler.

hydrangea bouquet

For the next arrangement I grouped together all the brighter flowers: gaillardias, daisies, echinacea, and bachelor-buttons; and put them in their own brightly colored vase. This arrangement is just the hint of color that my living room was needing.


For the next few arrangements, I kind of cheated and used only one type of flower  per bouquet…. First the black violas (or pansies…. whatever they are 🙂 ) were placed in their own bud vase. Then I decided to put my sole zinnia in a vase on its own as well. Though simple, I think both add some much needed elegance to my living room:

black violas


Well, that’s all that was picked from the garden for now. I can’t wait until more of my flowers bloom so they too can join my love of flower arranging. Until next time!

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