Tracy Anderson Trampoline Workout Review


Tracy Anderson Trampoline Workout Review

September 8, 2012
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My husband has started to sour on my obsession with all things Tracy Anderson. First he rejected my request to borrow $4K out of our shared funds to attend her “cleanse week” in Maui. “What is this Tracy? A cult?” was his exact response. That same day I decided to buy my new trampoline at Dick’s Sporting Goods to participate in Tracy Anderson’s mini Trampoline Workout that came in the mail the day prior. I hadn’t been expecting a trampoline workout to be part of Tracy’s Continuity program, but alas it arrived in the mail as a part of my once-every-three-month DVD deliveries. This was the Continuity program that I swore I would quit months ago— Sigh…. Tracy is like my version of crack. But anyhoo— Todd’s response to the trampoline was not much  better than that of my request to attend “Tracy Camp” (as I have dubbed it). “Should I call the ambulance now?”

I admit I’m not the most coordinated girl. I tend to fall over once every few months in public, sober, having tripped over nothing. I blame vertigo or something. I am IN NO WAY QUALIFIED to own a trampoline. Yet I wanted one because “Tracy said” — fast becoming Todd’s two least favorite words. He was right to tell me to beware the trampoline– I was way over my head. But I decided to give it a whirl anyways….. Why? Because “Tracy said”.

So how was the workout? Yipes! Perhaps an illustration is more in order for this particular catastrophe:

Tracy Anderson Trampoline Workout


The Tracy Anderson trampoline Workout is a bit nuts for those like me that lack all coordination. I fall off the trampoline an average of twice-per-workout– which I consider not so bad given the absence of gracefulness in my life. However I will say that the trampoline workout provides a nice break from high impact dance cardio– even when I’m falling off the damn thing at least I’m giving my joints a break from stomping on the floor. After a few days of using the trampoline as an alternative to high impact aerobics, my feet (that I think were suffering from multiple stress fractures) felt so much better! So even though I might look like a fool on my trampoline, I think I’m going to stick with it— at least for a few days a week.

Some further details: the trampoline I bought has a jumping surface area of 40″— this seems to be the standard for mini-trampolines and is adequate for the workout purposes. If you aren’t sure you want to buy Tracy’s trampoline workout, you can try it out for free by watching an unedited version that she posted on the Youtube here. I mentioned that I bought my trampoline at Dick’s Sporting Goods—- you can find them at sporting goods stores or at Tracy’s website (warning: $20 shipping).

I hope you have enjoyed my review of yet another Tracy Anderson product. One of these days I may be able to quit my obsession with Tracy…. not today though 🙂

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