Getting Back into the World of Cat Hats


Getting Back into the World of Cat Hats

September 16, 2012
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It has been a busy weekend for me so far in terms of the world of cat hats and creativity.  I finally worked on (and finished) my new Elton John kitty look that was constructed upon special request for one of my Etsy fans. I also managed to create some new packaging, take a few stellar Notso photos, and begin work on another planetary fascinator! I think it’s safe to say I might have finally gotten my “cat hat groove” back! I had been in a cat hat rut for the past 4 months or so— it’s about time I snapped out of it!

Here we have the results of my Elton John design; based upon his look at the 2010 Grammy’s:

Elton John Cat Costume

Elton John Cat Costume

Now I may be biased, but I think this costume came out really good! I also liked the photos that Notso was patient enough to pose for. So much so that I was inspired to make some new kitty-look packaging! I used a recycled Birchbox and a photo of Notso to create this new look— I think it looks quite cute!

Notso Kitty PackagingNotso KittyNotso Kitty

Lest you worry this “cat hat groove” is only a temporary thing– here is a picture of some more cat hats that I have started in the studio. The blue tool visible in the first photograph is my new styrofoam cutter– it makes cutting styrofoam so much easier (and more professional looking). Methods for construction of cat hats improvements abound!

I have given you a sneak preview of some cat hats that will soon be populating the Notso Kitty Shop! If you enjoyed, you can check out more kitty fun over in my store. Watch for more new items coming soon!


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