Halloween Cat Hats & Cat Glasses : New Looks for the Notso Kitty Shop


Halloween Cat Hats & Cat Glasses : New Looks for the Notso Kitty Shop

October 7, 2012
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This week we have three lovely new cat costumes to add to the Notso Kitty Shop. What have I been up to in “Cat Hat Studio”? Let’s see, shall we?

Halloween Cat Hats – Ghost Edition

First off we have another Halloween cat hat– this one with ric-rack trim and a ghostly felt decoration on top. Fluffy enjoyed modeling it this afternoon. Halloween Cat HatI made this hat by hand-shaping wet felt over a container; then working in a layer of glue to stiffen it. Result in 24 hours: a well-formed hat that is ready to decorate. I’ve used this technique on several cat hats– I love the results so much! Expect a few more of these in different themes in the future.

“Notso You’re a Star” Cat Glasses

Okay, so maybe I’m the only one that recognizes that Notso should be famous for now…. But in the meantime he can act the part of a star in his new star-shaped cat sunglasses!

Cat Costume Cat Star Glasses

These glasses would make a great accessory for a Hollywood Halloween Costume for your Cat! Notso likes to wear his every day, because he’s a diva like that.

Halloween Pumpkin Cat Glasses

Here Notso models his new Pumpkin-tastic cat glasses! It’s funny how much Notso really doesn’t mind all sorts of glasses– he realizes they are a momentary occurrence after which he typically gets a treat.

pumpkin cat glasses

Notso looks just adorable in his new glasses! Would your cat like a pair for him or herself? Or perhaps he or she would like to look through the selection of cat hats? You can find them for sale in the Notso Kitty Shop. Happy Halloween!

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