New Glasses for Cats– and a few other notes


New Glasses for Cats– and a few other notes

October 14, 2012
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Hello again! This marks the fourth week in a row that I am blogging about some new cat glasses for cats that are now populating the Notso Kitty Shop. I certainly have been busy/inspired lately! I think it is because it is near Halloween, but the Kitty Shop’s sales have been up as well! I have to keep motivated to replenish the inventory and make sure I’m coming up with new designs as well. This week I created another pair of bling glasses for cats— this time for Saint Patrick’s Day. I also made a pair of candy-cane inspired cat glasses to compliment future holiday outfits. How did they come out? Well let’s see.

Saint Patrick’s Day Glasses for Cats

First I came up with some fabulous new Irish bling shades for my kitty.

Saint Patrick's Day Glasses for Cats

I have also included an outtake from our photo session to show what happens when Notso pulls a diva fit in the middle of modeling. Cat models are high maintenance!


Candy Cane Glasses for Cats

This year I wanted to come up with a few things for the holidays that could be worn individually or together with other parts of a Christmas outfit. These candy cane glasses look great on their own, or could be used to spruce up a kitty santa or kitty elf.

Candy Cane Glasses for Cats

What ever will next week bring? I’m not even sure yet myself! I have so many ideas and so many rhinestones and pieces of felt— a dangerous combination if ever there was one.



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