Best Bloody Mary Recipe EVER! No Measuring Required!


Best Bloody Mary Recipe EVER! No Measuring Required!

October 23, 2012
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This week I’m taking a little break from cat hats and blogging about one of my other favorite interests: day-drinking! I had previously blogged about what I thought was the best Bloody Mary Recipe ever. Turns out I was WRONG! I have now discovered a new “best Bloody Mary Recipe ever” courtesy of my husband Todd. He came up with a new fool-proof, measure-free method for making our favorite Sunday morning beverage– one that even I have trouble messing up 🙂 I will impart his wisdom onto those lucky enough to stumble upon this website now:

Shopping List for Bloody Mary Ingredients

First thing’s first: the Bloody Mary mix. We use Bloody Bold– an amazing bottled mix available in select stores in the Northeast or online at Bloody Bold’s website. If you want to order some be warned: it is QUITE ADDICTIVE.  Bloody Bold uses all natural ingredients that you can pronounce when you read them on the label– another plus in my book.

Here is what else you’ll need (in no specific order):

  • 1 lime
  • 2 liters Vodka (cheaper stuff is okay– just nothing that tastes like gasoline)
  • Pepper rimmer (example here)
  • 1 garlic bulb
  • 1 habanero pepper

Three Days Before: Vodka Preparation

One of the keys to this bloody mary recipe is the vodka– Todd prepares two 1-liter vodka bottles with respective garlic and pepper infusions several days in advance. The beauty of flavoring the vodka means that you can use a little cheaper vodka than you normally would— the peppers and garlic cover up any lingering cheap taste. In one 1 liter bottle you should put the cut up habenero, in the other you should put the cloves of garlic that once made up the bulb. After three days (or so, you’ll want to taste test) remove the garlic cloves and habenero— your vodka is now ready to drink or store. It keeps at room temperature— or if you have room in the freezer, you can store your vodka in there.

Bloody Bold Bloody Mary Recipe

The Fool-Proof Bloody Mary Assembly Method

Now here is the genius part of this Bloody Mary recipe: the measure-free assembly method. Start by selecting a glass– any size, any shape. Just make sure it is big enough to contain the Bloody Mary you want to imbibe 🙂 Fill the glass with ice cubes to the top. Now dump the ice into a bigger glass or shaker. Use this opportunity to rim the first glass with the pepper rimmer— using a lime wedge to wet the rim of the glass before rolling the glass around in the spice mixture.

In the shaker or bigger glass pour some vodka to taste– I usually try to cover the bottom half of the ice cubes. Here is where things are subject to your opinion: the proportion of pepper or garlic vodka.  I like my vodka mixture to be mostly the garlic vodka. My husband prefers mostly the pepper vodka. It doesn’t really matter either way– they are both delicious in my opinion.  I like to mix them up in different ways sometimes to see what I end up with.

Next, just barely cover the remaining portion of ice cubes with the Bloody Bold bloody mary mix. Stir up your concoction with a cocktail spoon and then pour it back into the already-rimmed glass– ice and all. If you followed these directions exactly you should have the perfect amount  of Bloody Mary for your original glass– the trick is using the ice cubes as a visual guide to the amount to mix. This eliminates the problem of being unable to stir your bloody mary in a small glass, AND also the problem of not knowing how much to mix in a separate container. Fabulous! Results: The BEST Bloody Mary EVER. This time I mean it 🙂


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