Celebrity Pet Costumes: Featuring the FAMOUS Notso Fluffy


Celebrity Pet Costumes: Featuring the FAMOUS Notso Fluffy

November 1, 2012
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Every now and then I wonder if my pet costumes are too crazy for public consumption. I mean who really (besides myself) feels the need to dress their cat up like Kanye West? Clearly that’s not an urge that afflicts most normal people.

But every now and then I am surprised to get a sign of acceptance from the mainstream– this time in the form of Notso’s Kanye West / Kitty West costume being used in a Yahoo! video story!!! I was contacted a few weeks ago by a producer at Yahoo asking permission to use my Kitty West image for a story on celebrity pet costumes. Yesterday they let me know the story had been posted.

To watch the full video, click here! Notso has an appearance around the 37 second mark!

On top of the brief video appearance, if you happened to click on the “Celebrity Pet Costume” story link on Yahoo!’s homepage on Halloween (yes, that’s right, THE HOMEPAGE) you were greeted by the following image:

Kanye West Kitty West

 AMAZING! Notso is clearly on his way to being famous!!! Crazy or not, my cat costumes have at least some viral appeal. Thanks Yahoo! for validating the insanity that is the Notso Kitty Shop!  I can’t wait to get back to work on some new ideas…. Let’s see where this brings me next!

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