The Christmas Cat Fascinator


The Christmas Cat Fascinator

November 25, 2012
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I recently had a request for a custom Christmas Cat Hat via my Etsy storefront The Notso Kitty Shop. The purchaser, a lovely person named Emily, asked that I make a “holiday ornament fascinator” in the same vein as my “planetary fascinator” already on display in my store.

Here is a picture of the original “planetary fascinator”:

cat fascinator

After about a week’s time, I had completed the new “holiday ornament cat fascinator”. I used traditional red, green and silver decorations per Emily’s request… I think it came out splendidly! Notso Fluffy modeled this one as well. Presenting The Christmas Cat Fascinator:

Christmas Cat Fascinator

I think now I need to make a few more of these for the Notso Kitty Shop in the future! I just loved the original so much— but it sold out much too quickly 🙂 I like the idea of stocking a few in a few different color varieties. Notso has never been so well decorated! I’ll post again here soon when I create a few more. Also in the works are some Hanukkah looks— though I’m not quite too sure what those might end up looking like. Knowing me, they will be wacky– that is for certain 🙂

Until next time, I leave you with a few more pictures of Notso Fluffy sporting his fabulous Christmas Cat Fascinator. Enjoy 😉

Christmas Cat FascinatorNotso Fluffy



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