Home for the Holidays: Decorations


Home for the Holidays: Decorations

December 16, 2012
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I’ve been making myself quite busy nesting lately. This is the first year I’ve actually attempted to decorate my home for the holidays— a feat that has not come without a bit of a learning curve. In any case I think the decorations came out pretty awesome so I took a few pics to preserve their memory. Hope you enjoy!

First we have my very first Christmas tree– a fake tree I purchased and adorned with crystals and feathers from the craft store along white and silver ornaments. I think it looks quite festive– I’m glad my cats have not taken it down yet (I knock on wood as I write that). Also visible in this pic: the boxwood branches and lights I decorated the stairway with.

Christmas tree

On the other side of the staircase are fake poinsettias I bought and placed in plain white Ikea planters. I never buy real poinsettias because of my cats— they eat everything that is plant material and real poinsettias are quite poisonous to them.

christmas stairway

Sticking with my white and feathers theme, here is the picture of the dining area of my kitchen. I made the wreath by wrapping battery-powered string lights and two large feather boas around a wreath-form I bought at the craft store. The feather trees I purchased at Target and wrapped them in another set of battery-powered string lights.

feather decorations

I made the monogramed wine cork wreath below from saved wine corks, cardboard, hot glue, and a little bit of ribbon.

wine cork monogram wreath

I finally got around to hanging up the multiple picture frames I’ve been hoarding in my living room. I think they as well as the couple of subtle holiday touches in the room (like the spray-painted pinecones on the coffee table) really bring the living room together.

living room

I sprinkled “snow” over almost every flat surface in the living room (much to the chagrin of my grinchy husband). Though it does make a bit of a mess sometimes, I still think it looks nice enough to make it worth the hassle.

holiday decor - snow

Though I normally use my oven only for storage of pans that I never use, I do get motivated to bake some goodies for the holidays every now and then. I also bought tons of amazing flowers in Downtown Crossing (Boston) the other day— more pics of those to come.

holiday cookies

Here is what $26 can buy you in flowers in Downtown Xing Boston— pretty impressive! I selected mostly white blooms and arranged them in vases and bottles I already had lying about my home. I added a couple of pieces of “holiday flair” I had picked up at the craft store as well.

My favorite flowers here are the ranunculus— the white and green blooms are just gorgeous! And for $3/bunch, how could that be a bad decision?

Well, that’s all the holiday decor for now. I didn’t hang holiday lights outside like I originally intended— it wasn’t until I got up on the ladder with a string of icicle lights that I remembered I was scared to be on a ladder at heights over 5 feet. So it goes! Alas, I’ll have something to aspire to in Christmas future— if we ever live through the pesky pending apocalypse 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!


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