Cat Hat Sales and Production are UP! Thanks Etsy!


Cat Hat Sales and Production are UP! Thanks Etsy!

December 23, 2012
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Cat hats have officially gone viral thanks to Etsy featuring the planetary fascinator/ solar system kitty hat on their main facebook page! How exciting! Within a few hours of being featured, I had over 10,000 new views of my store, hundreds of new fans, and a few new orders to top everything off!

Here is a screen grab of Etsy’s page— over 3000 people “like” Notso!Planetary cat hat

With all this newfound attention, I had to get back to work producing a few new kitty hats! I had to make three solar system fascinators ย and one Princess Beatrice fascinator to catch up with my orders. Here are some pics of what Cat Hat Studio looked like in the process:

cat hat studio

In the above picture, I have just laid out all my supplies for making 4 hats (I actually ended up making 5; 3 planetary, 2 Princess Beatrice— to make sure my hats are back in stock for future orders). I think 5 is the maximum number I can work on at once without losing track of what I’m doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is the paint palette that is used for painting the planets of the planetary fascinator. I like to use bright colors so that that the hat looks festive and fun at any given moment.


The below picture shows my fingers, mid- cat hat process. I wonder why I haven’t been trying to keep up with my manicures lately ๐Ÿ™‚


Half-way through the process and more supplies (GLITTER!) are introduced to the equation below on my desk.


3 completed planetary fascinators are photographed together above

3 boxes ready to be sent out are photographed together below



Thanks Etsy for giving the Notso Kitty Shop a little extra attention! Who knows what cat hat will go viral next, but I’m sure looking forward to the next occasion! Now back to the studio to get to work on more hats!!

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