Valentine’s Day Cats


Valentine’s Day Cats

January 27, 2013
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I’m not even sure if I believe in Valentine’s Day– my husband has been given a pass on the mandatory V-day gift (though he usually gets one anyways) due to my lack of sentiment towards the holiday. But lately I have had hearts on the brain— so much so that every time I close my eyes all I see are Valentine’s Day Cats! In an attempt to purge my mind of these cupid-related thoughts I decided to make a few Valentines Day Cat looks for the Notso Kitty Shop. I’ve also been drawing again— more on that below— one of my favorite subjects so far has been a heart-shaped kitty face.

Last week’s plan of coming up with weekly goals was not abandoned this week— my goal this week was to come up with 4 new looks for the Notso Kitty Shop. I didn’t quite make this goal— I came up with 3 completed looks and I started on two others….. I think that progress is close enough to count 🙂

Valentine’s Day Cat Hat

One of my favorite types of hats to make for the Notso Kitty Shop has involved hand-shaping a piece of felt and placing it over a hat-form (or plastic container in my case) as it dries. I used white felt with heart-shaped embellishments for this particular hat. I think Notso looks quite dapper.

Valentine's Day Cats  Valentine Cat Hat


Notso insisted on posing in various ways with this hat. Sometimes the talent can be pushy— but it’s okay when they are equally cute.

Notso Valentines Day Cat


Heart Shaped Cat Glasses

I was lucky enough to find Fluffy to model some heart shaped glasses I made for the Notso Kitty Shop’s Valentines Day collection. He modeled the pink pair before he managed to escape again….. I had to use Notso for the red pair since Fluff was MIA.

Heart Cat Glasses Heart Cat Glasses

iPad Drawing Apps

I have recently been inspired to begin drawing again— last week’s blog posting contained several pages out of my old-fashioned paper sketch book. This week I began using the Paper app for my husband’s iPad mini. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to draw with the tip of my finger over the last few days. It’s so much fun to explore the tools and experiment with different drawing techniques on the iPad. This app allows you to save and export your work— here’s the cute little heart-shaped kitty face I was speaking about before:
heart-shaped kitty face Valentine's Day Cats

That’s all from this week. I look forward to posting more progress soon!

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