Easter Cat Hats & Other Notes


Easter Cat Hats & Other Notes

March 24, 2013
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It’s been a busy day in the Cat Hat Studio! I managed to complete four cat hats– two of which I feel like I’ve been working on forever. I now have some fabulous new Easter Cat hats to share in the Notso Kitty Shop as well as a Christmas Cat fascinator that was long overdue.

Easter Cat Hats

I have Easter inspiration to thank for the motivation to make the following three cat hats. I started with something old— I wanted to improve upon the Easter Egg fascinator I made last year. I decided to class it up a bit— instead of plastic eggs on this year’s model I went with styrofoam glitter eggs. Fluff was impressed by the results!

Easter Egg Cat Hat Mar252012_0008

For the next hat, I kept going with the Easter egg inspiration— this time with a chick hatching out of it! Fluff liked this one as well 🙂

Easter Cat HatEaster Cat Hat

Though Fluff was an excellent model, I had to let Notso have a turn with this next cat hat. This one I used the Easter Bunny himself as the inspiration. I think it came out pretty fabulously! The Easter Bunny cat hat is sure to be a hit in the Notso Kitty shop!

Easter Cat Hat

Easter Bunny Cat Hat


Winter Wonderland

Though it may be late in March, my neighborhood near Boston, MA is still covered with snow! I’ve been getting a little depressed about the cold lately— I have skied all I want to ski this year and I feel it’s time for the snow to go! I did find a few helpful signs that Winter is on it’s way out today though….. First, Fluff makes a break for it whenever I open up the front door— something he does not do in the dead of winter.

Snow Cat

Snow Cat Print


The second hopeful sign that I saw was one of my helleborus had managed to poke it’s way up through the snow and almost start to bloom! Yeay! Spring has almost officially sprung! It won’t be too long before we’re all thawed out again. I can’t wait!

helleborus in snow

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