Spring Cleaning- AKA OCD Delight :)


Spring Cleaning- AKA OCD Delight :)

April 7, 2013
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I indulge myself a few trips to the Container Store every year— any store that lets you buy containers for containers is okay by this OCD neat freak πŸ™‚ I decided that this weekend would be one of such trips the other day when I noticed I desperately needed to clean a few things up around the house. I spent about $100 on supplies and the better part of yesterday shopping and putting things in order once I returned home. Let’s see what Spring Cleaning Tips I have stumbled upon amongst my efforts, shall we?

Jewelry Organization

My bathroom is small— I’m not complaining, but it is a fact that presents a challenge for storage. A few months ago I bought this bright blue metal organizer from CB2– I loved how it fit in the corner of my bathroom, but I didn’t really maximize it’s storage potential until yesterday when I found these great magnetic hooks at the Container Store to stick on the side. Now I can see some of my jewelry options— a fact that will make me more likely to wear them.

Organizing jewelry

I also purchased a cool new jewelry tree for some more storage space (now located in the spare bedroom). This design is by Umbra—- I love how it looked modern and cool while being functional.

jewelry storage
At the suggestion of a buzzfeed post, I painted my old bobby pins with glitter nail polish. Now I have fun new glitter bobby pins instead of ugly black old ones!
glitter bobby pins


Cabinet Storage

After getting the jewelry situation squared away, my next task was taming some unruly kitchen cabinets! I found these great “under shelf” baskets at the Container Store— I foolishly purchased only two, but I will be back for more! The two cabinets that I have put them in have greatly improved in neatness in just a few minutes. cabinet organization

Photo Preparations

I haven’t been keeping up with my photo albums lately— a process that I usually execute with meticulous regularity. Oh well! But I have been making sure to keep my photos and ephemera organized for the day that I do get around to updating my albums again. Expandable plastic files with divisions for events and time periods are what I use to keep things together in the meantime. Eventually all the material will make it’s way into 12″x12″ albums– what I have been using to keep all my photos in since college. Maybe I’ll get around to updating those next weekend πŸ™‚

photo file organization

photo organization

Electronics Organization

My originally white Macbook had turned a dingy shade of grey in recent days— I decided to resuscitate it using two products I bought at the Container Store. The first was an “electronics putty” that you put on the keyboard to get rid or any dirt or dust. The second were cloths that I bought for keeping the screen fingerprint free– I used these to wipe off three years worth of paw prints. I also gave the bottom of the computer a good scrubbing with some Clorox— nothing else would work on that material. Alas, after about 30 minutes of elbow grease my laptop was restored to it’s original shiny plastic glory.

After organizing the laptop itself, I moved on to tackling it’s accessories. I bought some new cord keepers by Blue Lounge— they are great for organizing a plethora of i-product cords.

Blue Lounge cord organizer


Finally! After several hours of cleaning efforts, I feel much better about my surrounding environment. I hope you can use some of my Spring Cleaning tips to help organize your own life. Hopefully this burst in organizational productivity will lead to creative productivity for myself soon πŸ™‚ We shall see….


A dirt-covered Fluff says: “Time to clean up!”

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