Creative Ruts and Cat Hats


Creative Ruts and Cat Hats

May 27, 2013
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I had the best intentions for this weekend— I was going to force myself to work on my empire of cat hats no matter what— no excuses. Alas the long weekend is almost over and I don’t have a single new cat hat to show for it— so it goes sometimes! I guess it’s official: I’m in a temporary creative rut. I’m not too worried about getting over it— sometimes it’s just best to go with these things when they happen.

I’m not sure what might be causing my creative difficulties of late (let’s blame real work 🙂 )— but I do have an informal plan to address the situation. When I first sat down to make a few cat hats this weekend I looked at my supplies blankly for about ten minutes before realizing inspiration wasn’t happening there. Here is list of things I did next:

  • Ran 3 miles
  • Showered
  • Weeded the garden
  • Picked flowers
  • Arranged two flower arrangements
  • Watched a movie (Juno…. hadn’t seen it yet after all this time
  • Went for a walk (camera in hand)
  • Read two introductions to two different art books
  • Played some videogames (I have a Sims addiction)



Above: my two Spring flower bouquets
You can see how in that list there isn’t a single activity that relates to cats or hats— that is by design. If I ever try to force myself to do something that I’m not in the mood for, I end up hating it. I don’t want that to happen to cat hats EVER 🙂

May272012_0006Above: Lily of the Valley photos from my walk. Below: Garden images from my yard (and some fun with Photoshop)




Alas, all hope was not lost: about half way through today I was struck with a few new ideas for cat hats. I have already begun work on them (as seen below), but I’m not ready to call this creative rut completely over. We’ll see what other misadventures I can find over the next few weeks to try to creatively motivate me again. That’s the thing about ruts—- sometimes they welcome a whole new phase of creativity once they are broken. We’ll see how this one ends up 🙂



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