New: The Carmen Miranda Inspired Cat Hat


New: The Carmen Miranda Inspired Cat Hat

June 2, 2013
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Ever since I first had the idea to start making cat hats (almost two years ago now!) I wanted to pay tribute to the stage hats worn by Carmen Miranda. I always loved the way an impossible amount of fruit stayed balanced upon her noggin throughout her acts as seen in the following photo:


What has taken me so long to create the kitty cat version of Carmen Miranda’s famous fruit hat you ask? Well, it was mostly logistical difficulties that kept me from completing the task. First I was under the belief that I would have to buy fruit pieces that were pre-manufactured. This caused some difficulties since I couldn’t find any ready-made fruit that was the correct size for a cat hat. A few weeks ago it hit me though: I would make my own fruit! I started out by carving shapes out of styrofoam and soon I had enough pieces to fill a small basket…. Only one problem: no small basket!

For the second part of my logistical challenge, I decided to weave my own basket since I couldn’t find one that was properly sized for a cat hat. Basket weaving using craft foam actually came pretty easily to me—- after a few days of drying time for the glue, I had myself the perfect cat hat base to fill with fruit.

And here is how the final product turned out:

Carmen Miranda Cat Hat Carmen Miranda Cat HatI think Carmen Miranda herself would be impressed by how good Notso and Fluffy look. Watch for this new hat in the Notso Kitty Shop— it will be appearing shortly!


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