Back to Work: New Apps & Outfits


Back to Work: New Apps & Outfits

June 23, 2013
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My undiagnosed ADHD has been acting up again— I can’t seem to focus on a single project for more than ten minutes to save my life 🙂  In spite of this,  I had to get to work this week on a few “Paddington Cat” costumes for the Notso Kitty Shop since a few orders had come in last week. How did I manage to focus myself long enough to sew two costumes you ask? Well…. I didn’t stay focused particularly well this time around…. but I did manage to find a few new creative adventures in the process of procrastinating the creative tasks on hand.

Jun232012_0001Above : Me pretending to be hard at work sewing costumes….. but really just taking selfies 🙂

Whenever I’ve been slightly lost in my creative process lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of picking up my ipad and finding other creative projects at my fingertips to try to get me past my “creative blocks”. Several apps have been great for this process– in particular; Paper, Sketches, and Instagram.

The Paper and Sketches apps offer similar features that let you turn your ipad into an electronic sketchbook. I recently bought a paint brush by the manufacturer “Sensu” that works wonderfully with my touchscreen— it’s not unlike painting on paper. The Paper app is better for advanced features that allow you to detail your artwork while Sketches is better if you want to use one of their “pattern fill” effects to add emphasis to parts of your work. Below are samples of drawings I have done with both apps:

Kanye Kitty West


Above: my tribute to the latest Kanye album as rendered in the Paper app

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 8.45.32 PM


Above: A digital Father’s Day card using sketches

The other app that I mentioned above that I have discovered lately (two years after I should have) is Instagram. I just love the ability to quickly upload and edit quick pics that could later serve as inspiration for other creative projects. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover its merits! Here is a peak at my feed—- if interested, you can follow “notsofluffy” on the app to see my latest pics :). Mostly I’ve been posting flower/cat pictures….. some new subject matter will be explored soon!




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