New & Improved William Tell Cat Fascinator


New & Improved William Tell Cat Fascinator

July 7, 2013
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Every now and then a cat hat doesn’t come out the way I plan it to in spite of my best efforts. The William Tell cat fascinator was one of such hats. I had originally crafted this hat about a year ago out of paper mache, but unfortunately, after I sold the first one I couldn’t create another one in its likeness. At the time I became frustrated and decided to take that particular hat out of the Notso Kitty Shop since I didn’t think I could make any more to fulfill orders. Alas, today I finally decided to try re-designing that hat again….. After all, it did sell once 🙂

original William Tell


Above: Notso in the original William Tell cat fascinator in 2012

For the re-design, I used more-easy-to-duplicate styrofoam for the apple base instead of messy paper mache. I also shortened the length of the arrow and used a lot more glitter than the original version had 🙂 I think both changes have been small improvements to the design. Notso seems to like this version much better- as exhibited by his less-annoyed face in the current photos. Or maybe it is that he has finally accepted his life as a cat model….. either way 🙂

William Tell Cat Hat


That’s all the updates for now— hope you’re having a splendid summer with your cats & kitties!

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