Coming Soon: Haterific Revenge Fantasy Cat Toys


Coming Soon: Haterific Revenge Fantasy Cat Toys

July 14, 2013
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I’ve been planning out more products for the Notso Kitty Shop for quite some time now and today I made some considerable progress on one of them: Haterific Revenge Fantasy  Cat Toys. “What are Haterific Revenge Fantasy Cat Toys?” you ask? Well let me explain….

About a year ago I encountered a new type of person in my life: a person so vile and horrible that simple explanation cannot suffice in characterizing my contempt. I’m not one that likes to dwell on negative feelings about others, but the situation with this person was simply inescapable and escalating in its horribleness by the day. I started to think of ways to channel my anger into something creative—- you know how they say from lemons, lemonade?

Amidst my many revenge fantasies, I started to see a vision—- one of me sprinkling cat nip on this contemptible person’s head, and my cat kangaroo-kicking the crap out of them. This is one of those visions that I began to see clearer everyday I saw the person— to the point where I was laughing out loud picturing a cat on their head. It hit me one day—- I should design cat toys in the likeness of contemptible people and other haters, then enjoy watching my cat rip them apart.

I soon got to work on my designs and had come up with a few groups of “haters” to be represented in my cat toys: bosses, hipsters, reality stars, hippies….. the list kept growing and I kept making cat-toy likeness of these people. However my work was not complete;  I knew I would have to also design packaging for  these “haters” so that people would understand my inspiration and back story—- and realize that these cat toys can be therapeutic for humans too.

Haterific Cat Toys

The first few prototypes of Haterific Revenge Fantasy Cat Toys: Reality Stars

In the meantime I had been drawing a few “comic-book” style back stories for Haterific Revenge Fantasy Cat Toys, but none were polished enough for inclusion with the items…… that is, until today, when I finally drew another edition of my back story using Adobe Illustrator. I also designed the front label for the toys as well— both are below:

haterade cat toys front


Above: front label, Below: Back story comic

haterade cat toy comic

Finally! After a year, I have the labels I need to turn Haterific Revenge Fantasy Cat Toys into a marketable item for the Notso Kitty Shop! I’m more motivated than ever to finish up this project and get a few toys listed in the shop— I only need a few bags and print supplies, then I will be good to go. Watch for the toys to make their long-overdue debut in the next few weeks!

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