Workout Update


Workout Update

April 14, 2014
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I’ve been a bit busy lately— between selling my house, buying a new one, catching up on cat hat orders, traveling for work and running around for various personal reasons I haven’t had much time to myself it seems like. In spite of this lack of time, I’ve managed to find a few spare minutes a day to devote to my fitness routine. Or lack of fitness routine would be more accurate in describing what I do 🙂  Routine or not I have tried to commit myself to being active lately. So what have I been  up to? Oh… A few things……

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Tracy Anderson Method Continuity Continued….

As you might recall from previous blog posts (here, here, and here for example) I  had been a devotee of the Tracy Anderson Method for some time. However lately I find my level of devotion to Ms Anderson is waning…. I finally DID cancel my subscription to her Continuity DVD program (my difficulty in quitting this service I once blogged about here) a few months too late. The DVDs with that program were so numerous— though I quit the program a few months ago I still have about 17 unopened DVDs with 30 days  worth of workouts on each of them. I ended up repeating the entire Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program a few months ago in an attempt to re-commit myself to the program. I’ve also discovered Tracy’s  free videos on youtube which are helpful in discovering new moves or short workouts that I could do in my hotel room when I travel.

So I haven’t quit Tracy completely, but I’m no longer doing the TA Method 6 days-a-week. This has freed me up to try new workouts and other ways of improving my overall fitness levels. What else have I been up to lately?

Barre Method and Spin Classes

I’m a sucker for a good deal— especially when it involves something that could improve my fitness levels and expose me to something new that I might find I love. The Gilt Groupe has been a godsend for these deals lately! Gilt is a sample sale website that also features local deals and the occasional sale on fitness equipment 🙂  A few months ago I found a “Barre Method Starter kit” on the site that included 2 super-sculpting DVDs, a ball, some weights, and a small mat to whip my butt into shape. After trying the workout once I had difficulty walking the rest of the day, but found this feeling strangely addicting. I’ve been doing  it religiously once or twice-per-week ever since.

A few weeks after my Barre Method workout arrived, I discovered a coupon for some discounted fitness classes in my town on Gilt City- the part of Gilt that lists local deals. I signed up for the “RealRyder” spin classes– spin classes that use a bike that has a non-stationary back-wheel that allows for movement like that of a real bike on the road. I’ve taken 6 classes so far and can say I’m pretty hooked; it’s a challenging workout that leaves me exhausted….. The only problem has been making it to classes at times that are convenient. I’m hoping to find some convenient to me after I move.

Beginning to take spin classes has opened my eyes to all the other fitness classes that I’ve been neglecting out there. TRX, Yoga, Pilates, Piloxing, and other assorted classes that are offered in fitness centers in the area all seem to be things I would enjoy. I’m thinking of checking some out soon— updates to follow 😉

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