Moving On Up – Notso Kitty Shop Relocation


Moving On Up – Notso Kitty Shop Relocation

April 19, 2014
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It’s been quite hectic around cat hat studio lately! I have decided to keep the Notso Kitty Shop open in spite of currently being in the middle of packing up my house to move to Salem, MA. This has kicked my cat hat-making skills into overdrive! Between catching up on orders and trying to sneak in a few new designs, I feel like I’m back at the cat hat sweatshop lately 🙂  Here is the list I posted the other day of things I wanted to accomplish before my move (in mid-May):cat hat list

Yes, that’s a daunting list! Already I have had to improvise– I’ve received a few cat hat orders this past week that have necessitated I adjust the list quantities. It’s kind of crazy to operate this way I’ll admit, but I suspect it will be worth it in the end. The Notso Kitty Shop is still able to support customers like Laurie and her kitty Milo at  Huggable Friends:

kitty west

photo courtesy of

Etsy does allow users to put their shops in “vacation mode”, however last time I did this for a two week period it took my traffic 6 months to recover! No thanks… So I’ll suffer through this busy season for a little while and remind myself how this sense of utter chaos is only temporary.

cat hat studio chaos

Chaos in the cat hat studio

Easter cat hats

Some recently completed Easter cat hats

Oh, and did I mention…. We’re MOVING! I’m very excited to settle into my new house in Salem, MA in a few short weeks! I can’t imagine a better home for the cat hat studio— located a hop skip and a jump away from Salem’s charming downtown and the waterfront. The cats are very excited as well! They are wondering what kind of costumes I will dream up for Halloween…. Salem being the capitol of Halloween and all 🙂 I’m sure they will be EPIC whatever they end up being.




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