CatConLA Preparations Underway!


CatConLA Preparations Underway!

May 2, 2015

Maybe you’ve heard me mention this before, but I am so excited to be participating in CatConLA- the fabulous convention for cat lovers occurring June 6th and 7th of 2015! I’ve been gearing up the last few months— squaring away several things on my “to-do” list that need to be done before I can go to my first in-person sales event. How have things been coming? Well, I’m a little bit overwhelmed, but here’s a preview of several items that I’ve been working on.

New Kitty Glasses Looks

I’ve expanded my cat glasses line to potentially attract more buyers at CatCon. First we have a few new Kanye West/Kitty West shutter shade looks with ombre rhinestone effects— I think they look  pretty cool!

Shutter Shades for Cats

Cat Shutter Shades

I also finished be-dazzling the black shutter shades for Fluff:Cat Shutter SHades

Aside from Kanye West/ Kitty West, I continued to improve on my nerd glasses looks. Below Fluff models a new pair in Blue that are available in the Notso Kitty Shop! Kitty Cat Nerd Glasses

Get Well Kitty Cat Nurse Hat

Aside from new glasses looks, I have been working on a few new hat looks for the Notso Kitty Shop and for CatConLA. The first one I actually made for a friend of mine originally— she recently broke her foot (ouch!) and I made this so her cat Oscar would have proper attire to attend to her. The hat came out so adorably (in my humble opinion) that I decided to make it available for the Notso Kitty Shop and CatConLA soon! Below Notso models this hat and sleeps at the same time– what we call multitasking in this house 🙂



CatConLA Preparations

There is a lot to be done still before I head to CatConLA in the beginning of June, but I’ve been making steady progress over the last few weeks. I have made some of my bags, packaging, signage and freebie give-aways. I also have invested in some basics– business cards, a crate to ship my stuff in, a Square reader for credit card payments and a cash box for other tendered payments. Every time I think I’m making progress, I remember how much there is left to do and I become somewhat overwhelmed. Alas, nothing easy is ever worth it 🙂


Freebie decals  for CatConLA attendees


Notso Kitty shopping bags for CatConLA

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